Wednesday, September 16, 2009


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Originally uploaded by Goddess Diana

I love these eyes, this soul, this Doggess Goddess who chose to come live in my SACRED SPACE.

She brings so many gifts to my life. Calm and patient, she loves to nap and teach me about healing my body - through Sleep, Rest, Massage and PLAY.

Brought me into my body with all our walking - she gently introduces me into our WORLD - the trees and clouds and flowers and VAST amounts of SKY. Sigh.

She warms me up as I hold her - she sniffs me and gives me a half lick - saliva the most powerful weapon we have - and flicks it off her ear. Gone - she tells me as she shakes her ears and readjusts herself to be more relaxed. Pain all gone.

She teaches me CONSISTENCY. We always have to walk - rain or shine - from dawn to midnight (thank Goddess for WSM Noah and his late night shift).

She showed me QUALITY. A nap or resting - alert and relaxed - a meditation - short and sweet and simple.

We are exploring and delving into PLAY - active and strong - releasing pent up energy and relaxing into creative spaces.

Lately, when I return from the hospital - she gets me out of my head and into my body. Out of my clothes and into the pool, she coaches my laps. I swim and shake it all off - a natural instinct I reMEMBERed- the DOG - DOGGESS residing within me.

GingerMama, my Mama Curandera - thank you for your teachings and tolerance of my slow yet heartfelt steps. I am reMEMBERing my Soul, GMama - my song.