Monday, October 26, 2009

Feelings & Flow

(Begun writing on 7/2/09)

This flow has brought up a lot of FEELINGS for me.

As I expel what my body no longer needs, I feel the need to let go and release other things - people, places, memories. I'm not always aware that I am holding on until somethings sets me off and the feelings come up.

In the past, I may have acted or more appropriately REACTED to these feelings. Now, I let them come up and play with them. I might express them in ART or go into my body - a walk, a bike ride, on the mat with YOGA - in order to let it go through.

Last night I was blessed to have Goddess Annette here. We sang, we meditated, we prayed, we played, we created. We pulled out images and words that called us. We painted canvases - we chose emotional landscapes. We called the Goddesses to dance among us and INspire our creativity.

(Continued on 10/19/09)

I read the wisdom of these words as I flow again. The temperatures dropped drastically Sunday morning. From almost 90 degrees on Saturday afternoon to 54 degrees by Sunday morning at 5:30 a.m. We knew it was coming. The forecasters had been preparing us all week. However, the chill in the bones from a windlashing is always a refreshing reminder. Creeps right into the cell memory and opens the floodgates.

I start to flow and reMEMBER to stay loose - muscles relaxed and warm. Itsy Bitsy Yoga with the most beautiful toddlers and Mama Goddesses and my Mom. Then Mom and I went home to paint and nap and eat yummy raw food. Then she took a nap with me on the bed with Zeko. He purred me to sleep as he rubbed my belly.

It is such perfect timing. I am flowing with the Moon - the New Moon, that is. I am emptying and releasing and letting go to create a sacred container to fill again.

I am staying loose, muscles relaxed - and I flow.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Full Moon 09/09

Full moon on September 3, 2009 WSM Noah and I were on the beach - Chinky Beach in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was our last evening here - a Friday night. We went for a sunset swim, a dip into the Mediterranean Sea. We played in her soft waves and swayed within her current.

As the sun disappeared and the moon rose we heard the drums. Beating, rapping, mesmerizing - a melody from the past, seeping into my bones and making me move. We dried off and walked towards the end of the beach where the circle had been formed - hearts being called by the ancient rhythms beating in our souls. Tarboukas and cymbals and drums, oh my!!

I feel it - the throbbing, the banging, the bass - what a sound!!! My body feels it - I can't control it - I just want to move and dance and BE. As did the other souls who felt the music and just let themselves be.

Thank you for this last gift goodbye on our last night in the Aaretz.

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Goddess Gems

As a Curandera, when I leave my Sacred Sanctuary and immerse myself in the outside world, I put on a love shield.

I consciously choose how I express myself in the world. My body - a blank canvas to cover and caress with beautiful colors and prints and fabrics. I love labels that touch my skin that say BE Present. I love images of the Lotus on my backside.

My secret magic weapon - Goddess Gems. For me, these Goddess Gems are amulets and talismans of love. Mine are created by Goddess Bliss. In her wisdom and with her hands, she creates powerful pieces of eye candy oozing with power and love. My GG sits between the heart and throat chakra - it warms me up as I reMEMBER that I am not alone and all is well. It shields me from lower energies and strengthens me to give more and be more.

Goddess Bliss has been providing me with her divine creations for the last five years. I call and tell her what is going on in my life and the colors that speak to me. I love how she listens and gives me space to hear myself. She allows herself to be guided by her intuition and creativity in the process of making GG. She fills her heart with love as she goes through boxes of materials looking for just the right combination of gems, clasps, beads and string.

Soon thereafter, a yummy package arrives. Full of glitter and twinkle and gemstones - each piece she creates for me is imbued with her healing and loving energy. Simple and yet powerful, the energy is palpable. I am blessed to have one around my neck as I face the world. My Goddess allow me to take in emotions and energies and let them go through and out of me. I help others cleanse and heal as I take on and release their energies.

She sent me three new ones to help me when I returned home from Europe and Israel. She created three new Goddess Gems for me - each unique and serving their own purpose. Perfectly timed, they were waiting here for me to help me deal with the difficult transition home. And how these gentle companions have helped me deal and heal through Great Auntie Sylvia in a coma, funerals, injuries and hurt feelings.

Thank you My Curandera Goddess Sister for trusting that voice within and allowing yourself to serve and heal through your hands and your art and these Goddess Gems. May the love you send out come back to you tenfold.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana

P.S. I have sung her praises before. Check it out at It's Here and Seeds of Gratitude

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Picture 064
Originally uploaded by Goddess Diana

I love these eyes, this soul, this Doggess Goddess who chose to come live in my SACRED SPACE.

She brings so many gifts to my life. Calm and patient, she loves to nap and teach me about healing my body - through Sleep, Rest, Massage and PLAY.

Brought me into my body with all our walking - she gently introduces me into our WORLD - the trees and clouds and flowers and VAST amounts of SKY. Sigh.

She warms me up as I hold her - she sniffs me and gives me a half lick - saliva the most powerful weapon we have - and flicks it off her ear. Gone - she tells me as she shakes her ears and readjusts herself to be more relaxed. Pain all gone.

She teaches me CONSISTENCY. We always have to walk - rain or shine - from dawn to midnight (thank Goddess for WSM Noah and his late night shift).

She showed me QUALITY. A nap or resting - alert and relaxed - a meditation - short and sweet and simple.

We are exploring and delving into PLAY - active and strong - releasing pent up energy and relaxing into creative spaces.

Lately, when I return from the hospital - she gets me out of my head and into my body. Out of my clothes and into the pool, she coaches my laps. I swim and shake it all off - a natural instinct I reMEMBERed- the DOG - DOGGESS residing within me.

GingerMama, my Mama Curandera - thank you for your teachings and tolerance of my slow yet heartfelt steps. I am reMEMBERing my Soul, GMama - my song.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

ISRAEL - the Aaretz

Life is so great. This is the view from my patio every evening.

We arrived in Israel after a very long day of traveling. The heat - a beautiful 90 degrees with a nice wind blowing was awesome after the five hour plane ride from Paris. Back in the city where I was born,
Tel Aviv.

Instead of pushing or making things happen, an apartment fell right into our lap. A friend of a friend's had a beautiful penthouse apartment in
Tel Aviv - right in the heart of the city - two blocks from Shook HaKarmel and seven blocks from the ocean. A three bedroom apartment with three bathrooms. A very lit up apartment with lovely tile floors and a big balcony with a view to the sea. And our friend lent us a juicer.

We are having an amazing time here. We get up in the morning and go to the beach - float on the clear water of YAM HATICHON (the Mediterranean Sea). We head back to the apartment and stop in the Shook (the Market) and listen to the vendors hawk their tomatoes and figs and pomegranates as the fish vendors argue with the meat vendors. My Hebrew comes back to me as I listen to the accents and intonations, remember words long forgotten and learn new ones.

Here we have found all the ingredients to juice and stay on track with our raw lifestyle. Unfortunately, the breads and cheeses in this country are delicious. The smells and aromas of food baked or made with love is hard to resist. The creams and yogurts and seeds and nuts. Oh my!!!

Another blessing - there is so much walking over here. Almost impossible to find parking in this crazy city. All these one way streets. We are definitely getting a lot of exercise trying to find our way around.

Noah's father is with us - a double blessing - to have done this trip once with my Dad and now Noah's Dad - I like it!!! What a blessing to be with your parents once you have grown up. To experience each other through the lens of time and life.

We have a family reunion today - going to the Kfar to meet cousins we saw in Vienna for
Tanta Berti's birthday. And the third and fourth generation of cousins (my age and their kids). It's like a wedding - time to greet people into our family.

I brought my yoga mat and I sit on the patio - stretching and breathing - on top of most of the buildings in the area - vibrating to my tunes and sending love out into the world.

So many things to do, people to see, places to be, tee hee!!! And yet, I sit here and BREATHE and take it all in for another moment. I center myself and take another breath.

Bring it on!!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Martin, Andy & Anthony - English LOVECats

On our way back to Paris - we took the lovely high speed Thalys train - we met the most amazing LOVE Cats. Three WILD SUCCULENT MEN who happened to share the cabin with us for most of our ride.

They were the last ones to board in Amsterdam. As I saw them through the glass doors, I thought they were brothers. Two young men were helping guide another young man in a motorized wheelchair. They were in the baggage storage area of the train - between two cars - suspended between worlds. Trying to park the wheelchair so it did not block the doors and the passageway. Getting used to the moving train which had just departed. Morgan walked in our compartment asking if he could have our seats - Thalys' configuration in this car was a four seater and a two seater across the aisle. We were up and out of our seats immediately.

Morgan went back to help Andy with the bags. They worked together to figure out what to do with the wheelchair and then extricated Anthony from it. I watched as Morgan picked up Anthony - put his arms around his waist and carried him in and onto the chair. Andy came in with their bags. My heart just melted as Andy pulled out a banana and fed the other half to Anthony. Then he pulled out some water and a straw and held it for Anthony to drink.

My shyness prevented me from speaking. However, I couldn't stop watching them. Truth - the child within me stared with that penetrating focus I have. Couldn't help it. The aura from these men was so beautiful.

Anthony was so intriguing. His body was doing so many things at once. I was mesmerized. I watched Anthony's body spasm as he expressed himself - he spoke slowly and his words were distorted to me. Yet Andy understood everything and laughed at what Anthony was saying. And then Anthony smiled. It lit up our cabin. He looked my way. I got over my drama and said Hi. A few minutes later we were engaged in conversation.

Morgan and Andy and Anthony are school buddies. They travel together often. Anthony has cerebral palsy. From what I witnessed, it affects his muscles and joints and his speech. I had never met anyone with cerebral palsy before. I was very curious.

Anthony shared with me how people do not acknowledge him. They see his condition and act like he is sick or diseased. What he really want is for people to talk to him directly - regardless of how he looks or behaves. His condition does not affect how he FEELS or thinks or LOVES.

These young men encounter a lot of difficulty and resistance - yet, the gift of traveling with Anthony is seeing that ANY THING is POSSIBLE. I was so amazed at the infinite patience and LOVE these boys shared with Anthony. How gentle their touch was with him. I was also awed and humbled by Anthony - so full of life and joie de vivre. Moving forward despite the physical challenges and mental blocks of others. My heart was full of gratitude as they got off the train at Antwerp.

My blessings and LOVE follow you wherever you go.

Thank you for being LOVECATS and WSMs. Thank you for your inspiration and LOVE. Thank you for just being you and creating ripples of awareness.

I am so grateful. I am so blessed.

Life is great!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend in Amsterdam

Sitting on my houseboat on a beautiful canal - boats going by - we're waving and smiling. This place is AWEsome. A big huge box anchored to a wall, sitting in the water. We arrived yesterday and I am still slowing down to the speed of life. Amsterdam life - tee hee!!

Down one big step into the yoga lounge - comfy pillows and lounger with a big screen projector and great sound system. Down a few more steps to a sweet kitchen with bamboo counters. One more step into the living area - a dining room table, a couch chair by a white Rippen piano and a hammock in the middle of the room. Did I mention a hammock in the LIVING room. How smart. How cool!!! I will ANIMOTO & share when I return.

The bedroom has a round bed that takes up the whole room. A big plush white comforter. With a porthole window looking at the Montelbahn tower. Nice and cozy. WSM Noah and I might have some fun in here. Tee hee!!!

This place is great. We have done so much walking and BIKING - we rented bikes with pedal brakes (you pedal backwards and the bike stops). This city is a mecca for bikers - bike paths everywhere and the little tingle of the bell rules. We drive around and follow the flow (these are some SERIOUS bikers). Need to be fully alert and keep up. And in this city of 15, 000, 000 people, each of them has a bicycle.

Today, we found WesterPark, fabulous trees and shaded trails and grassy lawns. We found a little cafe and had brown Dutch bread full of nuts and herbs topped by thin slices of Emmentaler cheese and half a slightly steamed artichoke with a little tray of yummy dipping sauces.

We felt like kids biking around. The wind in our hairs, the freedom of having no where to go and all day to get there. And the power of our bodies to get us from one point to another. Pedaling and letting go of the handles. What a thrilling day!!!

From the park, we went back into the city. So sore - will have to practice more before returning here - certain bones in my posterior area are tender to the touch. We stopped at a Chinese medicine Reflexology storefront - big plush red chairs beckoned. WSM Noah and I had our cranial and neck areas stimulated while our feet soaked in a hot bath. As people walked by and looked in, we laid back and enjoyed the tender touch of the Chinese masseuses.

Then we walked - each time exploring a new direction. And it's funny to see how WSM Noah and I interact. In a new city in a new space - new language, new rules - we sometimes respond with STRESS - a certain tone of voice or some impatience felt - not as relaxed as usual - not completely trusting this newness - this environment we're in.

The Universe sends me a sign from home. Zeko Meow brother strolls up and lays beside us. I take a deep breath.

I count my blessings. My wonderful husband - celebrating time together in Amsterdam - learning how to communicate even better - getting closer. The weather is fabulous - warm and breezy and lots of places to find shade. We sit here and people watch on the canals.

Life is great.

I am so grateful. I am so blessed.

Thank you O Great Mother Goddess Universe.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sacred Sunday

I haven't been to Yoga class since I started to flow.

The Universe nudged. Goddess Dancing Flower in the Water called to escort me to Yoga class. I said NO. I had things on my TO DO list and Yoga class had dropped off the list. I hung up and listened to that conversation in my head.

Yoga and a ride to class - and I said NO. I immediately sat back and took a few deep breaths. Time to get out of my head and into my body. GingerMama and I went for a long hot sweaty
walk. When I returned, I checked out Yoga One's website. A workshop with Jordan Bloom - finding the sacred in the mundane - arm balances and backbends - time to strengthen my
practice and gain wisdom. Cool beans. Signed up for Sunday's class.

Sunday morning, WSM Noah drops me off and goes to the beach. He'll pick me up at 1:00 p.m. but he has to be home at 1:30 p.m. to meet someone. Off I go to sweat and learn and play. Picked up some useful techniques and got INspired by watching others practice and achieve new moves. Learned a few new moves of my own. A beautiful shavasana to end our practice and I'm the first one out the door. I don't see Noah. No worries. I slip back into the studio and check out the time. Exactly 1:30 p.m. What I know is that Noah has come and gone. I take a deep breath and put my yoga mat between my and my backpack and I start walking. Finding the sacred in the mundane.

From Dixie Highway to Johnson Street - I cross the railroad track and am heading east on Johnson. My Ipod playing lovely tunes and the sun feels good on my face. The walk feels great on my body after all those stretches. I keep on walking. I need to pee. I am feeling my body. I need to drink. The hot sun in August at 1:30 p.m. I start to feel a little hot. I wish for the good old days of my youth when I had no fears of hitchhiking - I ask for help - and immediately the horn blows. A car pulls up to offer me a ride. Not even realizing it's for me, I keep on walking. The car drives up a little bit and the horn sounds. The driver opens his window and asks me if I need a ride.

Everything about this car and its driver felt okay - safe in my gut - and yet, an old tape of don't talk to strangers, never get a ride from a stranger plays in my head. I take a deep breath and cross the street and get into the car. What is your name? And the man answers back, Raphael. Angel Raphael who helps the healers. This man drove me to the hospital around my house and dropped me off.

Home 10 minutes after yoga class.

ASK and you shall RECEIVE.

Funny how often I forget to ask.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Mishpacha

Mispacha means family in Hebrew.

I am spending a great deal of time this year with MISHPACHA. Part of my research for BIRTH CAMP.

Noah's aunt, Tanta Berti, turned 90 this year in March. We went to Austria to celebrate our MISHPACHA's MATRIARCH. Twelve first cousins and Noah and I (as representatives of the COUSINS CLUB and Shalom ambassadors to our families). We met in Vienna. Three glorious days of breakfasts and teeyulim (adventures) and a beautiful celebration for Tanta Berti.

This is how I saw things:

We are going again at the end of this month for a FAMILY REUNION at the Kfar where it all started.

Very good, very good, YAY!!!

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Gddess Diana

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thank you

After posting my last blog, I went looking for Raw Food on the World Wide Web.

I found WSM Philip and his wonderful blogs and vlogs about how Raw Food changed his life. What a wonderful LOVE CAT!!! He shares it all - words, feelings, emotions, pictures. He details the process exquisitely.

He put out a call to the Universe. I hear you my brother from another mother.

So I am calling all Superheros. The time to shine is Now.

Use your powers.
Transform your life.
Inspire others.

…and don’t forget your cape!

I love you all,

Philip @ Lovingraw

Loving you right back WSM Philip.

Calling the Angels, the SuperHeros, the Dreamers and Me....

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Raw Food

Summer Lunch with WSM Noah and Goddess at the Ark

WSM Noah and I have shifted again.

In March, he went to Israel for 10 days. He returned from Israel and I left for Tennessee, to the Farm for 10 days. I came back and he was juicing. Carrots and celery and beets and greens and apples. Really healthy and yummy stuff. Full of iron and antioxidants - just what a Goddess needs to have a strong body.

In fact, we developed a routine of juicing twice a day. Earthy juice first thing in the morning. This summer, lunch is luscious avocado, golden beet and heirloom tomato slices topped off with a big fat leaf of basil. Dinnertime is a sweeter juice - more carrots, less greens.

Food, as we once knew it, became a thing of the past. Which was amazing because I've had so many issues with food. And wonderful how much more time and energy I have now that I'm not in the kitchen. We also lost a lot of weight - the fat melted off as we let go of dairy products (ice cream and yogurt and fine Italian cheese, sorry Mimi's) and went RAW.

In fact, we had the pleasure of dining at Chef Roxanne's restaurant in Old Mill Valley many years ago before it closed. However, we were just at the beginning of our nutritional journey - eating vegetarian but not particularly healthy.

By taking little baby step forwards, we find the Universe always rewards us. This time, two girlfriends simultaneously share with me a soon to be hot spot, GreenWave Cafe. Thank you Queen Goddess YogaMommy and Mamma Goddess Donna Madonna for being the trendsetters that you are. Oh my Goddess!!! So yummy.

We've become regulars - stocking up on Onion Bread and Nori Snacks and Sprouted Hummus and Snap Happy Crackers. In fact, I even ate a Mushroom Cheeseburger there once - no cheese, no burger and marinated mushrooms -yes, me!!! - it was so delicious - I brought Noah and my Mom and his Mom - my SoulMama - and all of my open minded and mouthed girlfriends. Tee hee!!

We head over there Friday afternoon to stock up for the weekend. Goddess Lisa is all out of her signature Onion Bread. WSM Raoul asks us if we're signed up for the Italian Gourmet Raw Dinner on Saturday night. I look over the menu - Salad, Minestrone Soup, Calzone, Cheesecake - and my mind immediately computes to my previous reality of Italian dinners - heavy, doughy, cheesy .... this whole movie plays out in my head before I take a breath and get back into my present reality - Italian RAW gourmet dinner Saturday night. No cooking. Night out on the town. A nice change of pace. Of course we sign up.

Next evening we're back. The cafe has candles lit and the air smells fresh and juicy. We are seated and served a wonderful salad with Apple Balsamic dressing. Tart and thick. So yummy and filling with sprouts and avocado and greens and cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas. Every bite so tasty and fresh.

Our plates got whisked away and Goddess Lisa's gorgeous dishes came out with a teacup of minestrone soup, big fat basil leaves topping it off. Room temperature, this delicious soup of tiny vegetable crunches in an aromatic tomato ambrosia tingled the tongue. Dipping the spoon for just a little more to satisfy the palate, I couldn't get enough.

Sitting alongside on these gorgeous happy looking plate, lays a calzone - a beautifully shaped turnover.
And some tasty marinara for dipping. I couldn't help myself - I pulled the dough apart to peek in before I tasted. Creamy white something layered with baby spinach leaves and moistened sun dried tomatoes. I bit into it. Delicious. It felt like pizza. White stuff turned out to be almond ricotta cheese. The "dough" - some sort of flax seed bread. Who would have known? It was so delicious. I thought I gave up raving about food when we went raw. However, here I go again.

Tonight, we are being served by beautiful Goddesses whose appreciation and love for the food and its Creatrix is felt. They share with us the ingredients of each concoction as we let the tastes linger on our tongues just for a final moment of gratitude.

And Dessert - Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake - I didn't even have any room left and I still managed to leave my imprint on the nice sized slab that was placed in front of me. I was by then too stuffed for the Almond Milk Cappuccino which WSM Noah told me was delicioso. Enough said.

I was so satifsfied with the fresh ingredients, the creative presentation and the yumminess and healthiness of it all. I could feel the love and healing coming right through the food. And for that I am deeply blessed and grateful.

Thank you Mama Goddess Chef Lisa and all the wonderful crew at the GreenWave Cafe for a most delicious experience.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Fearless Feminine TRUTH

It's raining again....
I am preparing to flow...
the egg IN-side me is losing her grip
tearing off the wall, tumbling along and down through the uterus
shedding, cleansing, clearing
I am waiting for the blood
Looking forward to it really

I feel bloated and uncomfortable
Sensations of stress
In my pelvis, low back and hips.
A shift, a shift.
I so get it NOW.

I stopped HER progress -
I got in my own WAY
I hindered the movement
And I am feeling it meow.

I knew this was going to happen
I 've seen the signs before
mind & BODY out of alignment
I stopped showing up
Keeping my WORD

BREATHE .... Life
BREATHE .... Love
BREATHE .... Laugh

Learning to laugh at myself for this OVERsight
Grateful for my flash of INsight.
Slowly learning what is true for ME in my body
and ME in my community and ME on this planet

That's me up there doing Lion Laughter
Loose lips means loose vulva
I'm all for that at this moment

Ready to CELEBRATE my flow
So grateful for the GIFTS of my FEmale BODY
And blessed for all the lessons she teaches me


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson & the Rain

Saturday night - we're sitting out on the patio watching the rain listening to Michael Jackson songs on the radio - 
I Said You Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
You Got To Be Startin' Somethin'

.... and we're moving our hips and singing along.  The words imprinted into our hearts when we were young roll off the tongue as the heart opens and shares FEELINGS.    The tears start flowing like the rain.... 

You've Been Hit By ... You've Been Struck By... A Smooth Criminal

The World lost a prophet - a BROTHER from another mother - ISH BESH KENA as the BriBris say.    His genius - his sharing - baring his divinity through the music - the melodies that shook me up, the words that stirred my intellect, the easy beat to it all.  I had forgotten what an integral part Michael Jackson played in my childhood and teens and 20s and 30s, tee hee!!!

Songs I heard on the radio which vibrated into my soul - my heart, my hips.    I felt and moved thanks to Michael's voice and the radios that pumped the air with him.  His music touched me DEEPly.  Me and millions of people just like me, all around the world, still swinging our hips and clapping our hands and singing ALOUD ...

Ma ma se ma ma sa ma ma coo sa

The tears help release layers of stale, stubborn and stuck - cell memories and dormant muscles (like pushing through sludge) as the cells slowly reveal their secrets to you.  My hands heat up as I place them together to pray.   To celebrate the gift of MICHAEL and the legacy he left behind.  The music - the memories - the melting.

It's easy as, 1 2 3
As simple as, do re mi
A B C, 1 2 3

So many changes.  So much grief.  So much wisdom he left behind for us to feel and hear and EMbrace.

No message could be any clearer
If you want to make the world a better place
Take a Look at yourself then make the change
Gotta get it right while you got the time .....

This grief - so cleansing - so healing - so many layers sloughing off.  Connecting deeper into the body where I FEEL the music.  Thank you BROTHER Michael.  I am so grateful for all that you gave in your lifetime - every song, every dance, every connection with my soul, OUR SOUL.  I am so blessed & INspired.  

There comes a time when we hear a certain call
When the world must come together as one
We are all a part of God's great big family
And the truth, you know,
Love is all we need

We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
it's true we'll make a better day
Just you and me.  

(Paraphrased for emphasis & KISS)

Singing & crying with Mama Earth in Hollywood, Florida.  At least La Luna is back out to play.  Very good.  Very good. Yay!!!

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dad & Me

Saturday at Dad's - woke up at 5:30 a.m. Opened my eyes, found myself nose to nose with Sammy. We stared at one another. And then he began to purr. We got to know one another better and I gave him a massage. I got up and improvised a yoga studio on Dad's rooftop patio. 30 minutes of Kundalini Yoga for Kids and I was grounded and peaceful.

Dad got up shortly thereafter. We toasted some Montreal bagels. According to Wikipedia - these are hand-made and wood-fired baked bagels. Smaller, sweeter and denser, with a larger hole, than its American counterparts - biting into one takes me right back to my childhood. Dad bought yummy white cheese called Tumi. We cut up some cucumbers and tomatoes and sprinkled them with Montreal spices. I was in childhood heaven. We ate as we sat on the rooftop patio, enjoying the clouds.

Dad changed his weekly routine of going to the synagogue to be with me. And for that, I am deeply grateful.  We connected with my brother and his kids on Skype. I think this opened up a whole new way for us to communicate as a family.  We called my cousin and planned a visit. I wanted to meet his son - the next generation. We bought some goodies and headed over to see WSM Lior & Mama Goddess Valerie and meet their one creation W. We also met the Dog-God, protector of the house, Snoopy.

W & Snoopy have an AWEsome relationship. Bestfriends and buds, Snoopy plays and protects and engages W. They horse around with a ball. So much love Snoopy has for W as he keeps him active and smiling and happy.

From there, we went to my Mom's favoritest dollar store. My Mom loves to shop for deals - the more shelves and materials, the more treasures she finds. Tee hee!!! Dad took me there to buy lava lamp night lights. So tres cool.  Dad then took me to a great shoe store which carries
NAOT brand from Israel. Great looking shoes and comfy - LO NORMALI . Tee hee!!! I bought two pairs and some fabulous sandals for Dad.   And then we went home for a nap. Dad laid down with Sammy.   

I went for a walk in the neighborhood. Picked up the pace. Listened to all the languages. Observed how people dressed and behaved. Very nice to be somewhere where no one knows your name. Allows me to be a silent witness. I stood under some yummy trees and feasted my eyes on lovely flowers. It's good to walk.

Went back home - assessed Dad's computer for webcam hookup. A quick scenic drive to 
Marche Central (huge megamall megacentre that didn't exist when I was growing up here)and Future Shop (the local Best Buy) and we were all set to go. Dad took me through some very green and lush neighborhoods with cute boutiques and outdoor cafes (Outremont and NDG). We stopped to eat something and then headed home.

We hooked up the webcam. Created a Skype account for Dad.  And voila!!!  Dad connected with his grandkids. I could feel his depression lift as he could actually see, IN THE MOMENT, and BE with his loved ones. It was way cool. For him and for them. Tee hee!!!

We settled ourselves for the evening. Made some Morrocan Mint tea - pulled out some KAAK biscuits and yummy Romanian cookies and watched
And the Band Played On [VHS].  Thank you Goddess Lucia for telling me about this film. We learned and cried and shared a deep emotional moment - Dad and I.

Dad and me - this is very nice. I might have to do this more often. 

Thanks Dad!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weekend with Dad

On Tuesday, I called Dad to see how he was doing. He sounded really down. Mom is in Texas with the grandchildren and Dad is alone in Montreal with Sammy Meow. I decided to spend Father's Day weekend with Dad. Found some awesome priced round trip tickets to Montreal. And away we go!!!

On Friday morning, I had my morning beach walk and swim with Goddess Leslie. Stopped by the chiropractor for an adjustment. Came home, walked GingerMama, showered and headed to the airport. Five hours later I was in Montreal.

Dad picked me up at the airport. He had groceries in the car - half a dozen fresh Montreal Bagels, strawberries, blueberries, rasberries and some beautiful Halibut steaks. I couldn't help myself. I dug into a bagel before we even left the airport. Dad showed some expert driving skills as he got us out of rush hour traffic and safely home.

We went home to cook up a feast. We washed the fish steaks and cut up some tomatoes, put it all in a pan to simmer with some cumin and Montreal spices. The aromas that wafted from the kitchen were intense. Twenty minutes later, we sat down outside on the terrace to eat.

Dad built a beautiful patio/terrace outside his apartment where he has a great view of the sun setting in the West. Sammy showed off his jumping and climbing skills as we sat and talked and enjoyed the evening sun.

The nice thing about mid June in Montreal is that the sun does not set until about 9:00 p.m. We had a lovely sunset and enjoyed the evening breeze. The neighbors stopped over for a glass of wine. It was really nice.

It's funny. I haven't really had any Daughter-Father time with my Dad, especially with me as an adult. It was really nice to spend one-on-one time with him. And we have such adventures planned for tomorrow!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Goddess Ruby Meow

On Monday, my Ruby Meow died. She took her last breath in the cool shade of the palm tree as she lay facing the house. We found her Tuesday morning and disposed of her body. We cried and yelled a little as we dealt with the reality of a dead body in June in Florida.

I cried as I brushed my teeth. I cried as I braided my hair. I cried as I hugged Noah. And then I took a deep breath and composed myself. We got into the car and drove off to Laughter Yoga. I didn't feel like going or leading the Circle or being out in the beautiful Sun.

We got to the Park and I took in the trees and the leaves. I breathed in their aromas. I absorbed the pureness and stillness of nature. I greeted two squirrels who were kind enough to share the picnic table with my purse and sign-in sheet. I sat on the table facing the lake and put my thumb and Jupiter fingers together and took a deep breath. And let go and surrendered to my feelings of abandon and love and grief and hurt and fear and sadness. I took another deep breath and I found the gratitude.

Images and feelings flitted through my head and heart as I remembered the wonderful naps Crone Goddess Ruby Meow and I shared. She taught me about shiatsu and the power of touch. She initiated me into the language of the soul and the signs to focus on. She reminded me of the gifts of YOGA and putting ME as first priority. She held onto my chest and put her heart next to mine as we exchanged energy and purred together. She was my sensitive One.

Laughter Yoga really helped. Laughing - the other side of crying - and deep breathing and shaking my body. My wonderful community of Laughter yogis and yoginis - sharing their energy and getting and giving hugs. That alleviated so much of the sadness - helped me focus on what truly matters. In the healing circle, I placed Crone Goddess Ruby Meow - knowing and feeling her freedom and happiness.

I am overflowing with emotion and it is so RAW.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Maybe It's Time

Goddess Patti shared these words on her blog.  It was what I needed to crack my shell.

Maybe it's time to take care of yourself.
maybe it's time to scream out loud
that you don't have the answers
and you just plain can't figure out what
it's all about...

maybe it's time to stop doin' the half ride.
maybe it's time to step into it all.
to weep your guts out.
to hurt all the way to your core.
to allow the hurt to be there.


Two paragraphs from
Goddess Terri that touched my soul today as I prepared to OPEN and share my inner world. Everything is so RAW right meow. Hurting all the way to the CORE. Sitting with it. Accepting it. Surrendering to it.

Raw and messy world of FEELINGS - sensations in the bones and the belly - sadness in my stomach - feeling yucky - clenching stomach muscles and fists as I resist. Allowing the hurt to be there.

Breathing .......... Breathing ........ Breathing....

On the yoga mat as I stretch and breath, I feel her under my arm, her tail swishing by my skin, her fur rubbing up to mine, caressing me with her gentle touch. A deep breath. Giving in to the Moment and entering my body.

She died with such grace. A queen sprawled out on Mama Earth shaded by a luscious frond of leaves from the palm trees. She had a view to the ArtRoom and the pool and ME. In the hammock. Feeling sick. Feeling her. Not knowing. KNOWING. Hurting. Healing.

Breathing......... Breathing........... Breathing

Allowing the hurt to be there. Huge cell memory release. Shifting. Letting Go. Surrendering. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

Breathing......... Breathing........... Breathing

I am so blessed for the eight OM-mazing years of my life that I spent in the Divine presence of Goddess Ruby Moew.

I am so grateful.

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Scribblings #159 -- Language


1. C
ommunication of thoughts and feelings through a system of arbitrary signals, such as voice sounds, gestures, or written symbols. System used by nation, people.

3. Body language; kinesics.

7. The manner or means of communication between living creatures other than humans: the language of dolphins.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th ed. copyright

I have always been confused about LANGUAGE. The first language I knew was FEELINGs. That was quickly replaced with WORDS - of the Hebrew variety and then French and then English. I always found all of these difficult although I have mastered them.

I am still mastering Patriarchy. It's not my MOTHER Tongue. However it has been useful in helping me decipher REALity. In this country we are blessed to live in and upon.

I am just reMEMBERing my MOTHER Tongue. It was hidden away for so long. She is reEMERGing. With every book, every meeting, every HER-STORY, I am reMINDing myself of what I KNOW in my BONES.

Lately, I am reDISCOVERing another language. Resonated with it in the Dog Whisperer. Encountered it again in Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. How does he put it? The language WITH-out words - the UNIVERSAL language. EnerCHI. Good, good, good - good vibrations!!!! (Beach Boys - YAY!!!)

I watch the four legged souls who share my sacred space. Each of them here to teach me and Guide ME about how I BE. The MONKEY in me. How my body language speaks LOUDER than words. How I can say NO-thing with my mouth. How my thoughts and LOVE-ing intentions set things off into motion. How to VIBRATE from the INside OUT. How to create HEAT - fire skill very useful. How to heal and BE in the MOMENT and MEDITATE, "...Mediate ....Alleviate .....Try not to hate .....Love your mate" (lyrics from INXS) Tee hee!!!

I make certain adjustments - CHANGES - with a little more LOVE - it gets me NOwhere to say NO. I am OPEN. I accept.

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday, Friday

Wow!!! The week is flying by.

So many things I'd like to share - writing a little bit each day in an attempt to flesh out my stories and add the necessary details in order to be clear. Soon, I will post and share.

I have been slowly reintegrating back into my life - adapting to the ElectroMagnetic Fields and living in a city and the different sounds of my environment. I have been
spending SLOW MO time with my housemates (GingerMama and Ruby Meow, Zeko Meow and Elly Meow) as they remind me of what is truly important. This moment, and the next.

I have been warned. The days of living without the AirConditioner on are almost over. I am relishing the windows open and the breezes that waft through and the noise of the neighborhood and its smaller residents. The chirping of birds, and the strange sounds the squirrels make as they jump from tree limb to tree limb on the front lawn. Soaking it all in before I get enclosed in the Box again.

Today, my parents are coming over. We are going to the Ocean for a healing dip into the Water. It is time. Time to release the saliva still stuck in my arm from SAM the MAN. Time to release the tensions and MAMA-dramas which seem to envelop Mom and Dad especially after they go visit the grandkids.

We are going to immerse ourselves into the Ocean and flow with the current and allow our muscles to relax and just BE. Through the process of osmosis, water molecules will move across our skin membrane to the higher levels of salt concentration in the Ocean. Because we have a high salt content in our own blood - the change to our internal environment is subtle - a detoxification of the Natural kind.

A few years ago, Noah and I took Dad to the Dead Sea in Israel. The Dead Sea is 8.6 times as salty as the ocean. In this water, the body floats right up to the surface. When you walk out of the water, you skin feels soft and silky. (This is a picture of Dad at Laughter Yoga in Israel. He's doing Lion Laughter. Very good, very good, Yay!!!)

This year, in preparation of birthing at home, we installed a SaltWater Pool System. Guess we might like more salt than others.... which is funny, since I never use salt when I cook. Tee hee!!!

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana

Tuesday, April 14, 2009



It feels so good when people make decisions
from their hearts, when the truth just bursts out,
when you feel good from the inside, and vibe
with love.

I had tears watching this tonight.

And I love this Feisty Goddess Susan Boyle.
What an IN-spiration.

Thank you to Goddess Lisa of Amazing Births
for this AWEsome ripple.

I am so grateful. I am so blessed.

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,

Sunday, April 12, 2009


SAVE THE DATE June 12th - 15th, 2009

BLISS BootCAMP, Thompson's Station, Tennessee

I am so excited!!! I am teaching Laughter Yoga at Bliss Boot Camp. Yay!!! We will be situated at a beautiful rustic lodge at the Deer Run Retreat surrounded by 90 acres of trees - about 45 minutes from the Nashville Airport and yet universes apart.

This fabulous retreat is hosted by none other than Goddess Bliss, my WildChild guide to the world of ART. Bliss BootCamp's featured artists and teachers include Cindy Forrester (another Floridian) and Liz Allbrecht (had the chance to PLAY in her sacred spaces) Tee hee!!!

We will be LAUGHING and DANCING and learning how to make heirloom bottles and jewelry and PLAYING and EATING yummy foods with local ingredients and CREATING a sisterhood - BLISS BOOTCamp Goddesses.

More details to come. Since there are only 22 spots available for this retreat, I thought I might give you a little notice.

Wishing you,

Peace & Love, Just Because,

Goddess Diana

Friday, April 10, 2009

Angels Everywhere

This is the angel who healed me on Monday - Goddess Brooke. I met her in Concourse C at the Nashville Airport - in the midst of all the pandemonium - Spring Break, end of the Country Music Awards, a chess championship, delayed and cancelled flights - I found her little piece of heaven.

Right across from the Food Court in Terminal C, with an hour to go before a flight, I found the Massage Bar. Signed up for a Combo Massage (Single Shot and Foot Massage and Heat Therapy).

Goddess Brooke called my name and we started with a foot massage. She seated me in this comfy lounge chair and almost flipped me over. Tee hee!!! She placed a heated flax seed shoulder wrap around my neck and put a soothing eye pillow to shield me from the elements. She put these little booties on my toes and started to massage my heel and the sole/Souls of my feet.

Goddess Brooke is a very talented healer as well as a little Cutie!!! She has a great demeanor, a smile in her eyes and a soft spoken happy attitude. Her touch is light yet strong. She is sensitive and intuitively picks up everything that is going on in your body once you relax into her arms.

Her technique was so exquisite. When seated in my half seat, sheltered from the airport world, she rubbed and explored. She found tension and applied slight pressure on the spot and held on. Just the right amount of laying on hands. Enough so that I could feel her presence and take in her energy at my own pace. Then she would stretch my skin, a little to the left, a little to the right. Feeling the wonderful heat of her hands and my body realigning and loosening up. The space she was creating for my body to heal itself - slowly manipulating my skin and bringing awareness to the space that needed love - it was a divine experience.

I finished my massage, paid with pleasure, peed in the bathroom conveniently located next door and heard the final boarding call for my flight.

What great timing!!! Walked onto my flight with my cheeks red and all this energy coursing in my body. Found a seat in the second row with Goddesses In Real Life Brittaney and Angel.

What a KO-inkidink!!!

Thank you Goddess Brooke, my curandera sister. You will surely see me again on my next layover.

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bling Souvenirs

I get off the Southwest airplane in Orlando looking for my connection to Fort Lauderdale. The airport is packed full of people. I find a departures and gate connection board and notice how many flights are cancelled or delayed. So many that my next flight in 40 minutes has no room on this board. Wandering in search....

I head off to the bathroom to change my water. Release from the airplane and renew by taking another swig from my bottle of water. On my way to the Food Court and right across from my next departing gate, I see a booth full of colors - tshirts, tank tops, hats - full of bling bling. I walk by, absorbing the beauty of the color spectrum when Carlos tells me - "all these shirts are customizable."

I spot a cat and a fairy. Hmm, the wheels in my head start to turn. Carlos entices me with - "and look at the wonderful fabrics on my shirts and the colors."

I have already spotted a lovely green and hot pink tank top - good quality, great cotton, not made in China.

"For $5.00 more, we can customize your name on it " - Carlos sweetens the deal - "and it only takes 2 minutes."

That's all I've got as I hear them call out for boarding on my plane. I place my order and Carlos lovingly and patiently gets the font and letters and images and makes me two beautiful tank tops.

What a great gift!!! Personalized customized bling bling merchandise. What a concept. Carlos gives me his card - he and his wife Terri Diaz are the owners and designers of this little gem. Carlos tells me he hopes to be in airports all over and that I will soon be able to place any future orders online at his website. What a great way to do business WSM Carlos and what a nifty gift, from me to me. Tee hee!!!

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Ginger Mama & the Twins (Charlie and Ellie Mae)

(Originally written on 1/21/09 - posted today)

The Good - time with the Twins. We are dog-god and doggess-goddess sitting. We are with the twins again - Charlie and Ellie Mae. GingerMama loves being with her cousins especially since we are staying at the twin's house. And they have a big house - I am guesstimating at least 4000 square feet of it.

Last night, we all jumped in and onto the bed. The twins circled and huffed and hemmed until they were comfortable and plopped. GingerMama wanted to join us on the bed. She was tempted. However, she was aware of WSM Noah's discomfort and plopped herself by my side of the bed instead.

I am loving walking with all three. GingerMama takes the lead and Ellie Mae scurries her little paws to catch up while Charlie takes his time and walks by my heel. One stops to sniff, they all stop to sniff. Three sets of floppy ears and wagging tails. I am in heaven.

The Bad - the weather outside is frightening. I love sweater weather here in Florida. It is always refreshing to have a breeze and no humidity. However, it's going down low - to the 30's I hear tell. And the winds in the pre-dawn morning can be unforgiving if one is not prepared to deal. In Florida, this is sometimes difficult. Gloves, scarves and heavy winter material are not readily available. I think about all the other places in the World I could be and how blessed I am to be in Florida. I bundle up and Thank Goddess I am alive to enjoy this day. And the sun starts rising.

The Ugly - how I feel sometimes. Not ugly in how I look but rather in what I am feeling. Anger, frustration and fear. Unpleasant conversation with my grandfather yesterday- he has had it. He doesn't want to live in his condition anymore and would rather not be of this world. And he's angry - spitting venom. Angry at being alone (although it was his choice to stay in Canada by himself), angry at the hand life has dealt him (although his smoking and karma led him down this path). Lashing out at whoever still bothers to call and check up on him (me). Hard to talk to my Mom and Aunt as to what is really going on and what we can do to make it better. Feelings coursing through me that I have never allowed before. Thinking of how messed up it is that the women in this family are not close. It has been this way for most of my life and yet it seems so unnatural.

Funny how we learn to balance all these events and emotions on the inside and present a front on the outside that does not show the internal conflict. Back to
meditation so I can ground and find my center and better integrate all that is happening into ME.

The day I wrote this post, my Grandfather passed away. His passing opened the door to amazing communication between the women in the family - like we were liberated to BE and FEEL and SHARE. Thank you Peps!!!

Wishing you, Peace & Love, Just Because,