Thursday, October 1, 2009

Goddess Gems

As a Curandera, when I leave my Sacred Sanctuary and immerse myself in the outside world, I put on a love shield.

I consciously choose how I express myself in the world. My body - a blank canvas to cover and caress with beautiful colors and prints and fabrics. I love labels that touch my skin that say BE Present. I love images of the Lotus on my backside.

My secret magic weapon - Goddess Gems. For me, these Goddess Gems are amulets and talismans of love. Mine are created by Goddess Bliss. In her wisdom and with her hands, she creates powerful pieces of eye candy oozing with power and love. My GG sits between the heart and throat chakra - it warms me up as I reMEMBER that I am not alone and all is well. It shields me from lower energies and strengthens me to give more and be more.

Goddess Bliss has been providing me with her divine creations for the last five years. I call and tell her what is going on in my life and the colors that speak to me. I love how she listens and gives me space to hear myself. She allows herself to be guided by her intuition and creativity in the process of making GG. She fills her heart with love as she goes through boxes of materials looking for just the right combination of gems, clasps, beads and string.

Soon thereafter, a yummy package arrives. Full of glitter and twinkle and gemstones - each piece she creates for me is imbued with her healing and loving energy. Simple and yet powerful, the energy is palpable. I am blessed to have one around my neck as I face the world. My Goddess allow me to take in emotions and energies and let them go through and out of me. I help others cleanse and heal as I take on and release their energies.

She sent me three new ones to help me when I returned home from Europe and Israel. She created three new Goddess Gems for me - each unique and serving their own purpose. Perfectly timed, they were waiting here for me to help me deal with the difficult transition home. And how these gentle companions have helped me deal and heal through Great Auntie Sylvia in a coma, funerals, injuries and hurt feelings.

Thank you My Curandera Goddess Sister for trusting that voice within and allowing yourself to serve and heal through your hands and your art and these Goddess Gems. May the love you send out come back to you tenfold.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana

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