Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter and the Bunny

Happy HolyDay - today and every day to all!!! 

As we were driving to the beach this morning we saw an EasterBunny with eggs displayed on someone's lawn.  LoverBoy asked me - what does Easter (as far as we understood it is Jesus return from the dead) and the bunny have to do with one another?

You know me - I googled it and researched - needing to know the connection.  This is what I found:

Easter  - or Eastre or Eostara is the Goddess of the dawn, fertility and springtime.  The Northern Saxons call her Eastre and celebrate the return of spring by laughing, drinking and being merry.  Most of us recognize Goddess Eastre or Eostara by her more popular name as Goddess Ostara.

As fate would have it - a little serendipity for us here - the festival of Eastre occurrs at the same time of the year as the Christian observance of the Resurrection of Christ.   Little by little Christian aspects were added to the pre-existing pagan beliefs, and eventually the name of this mixed holiday was changed to Easter.

Bunnies or rabbits, are fertility symbols, sacred to Goddess Ostara.  Due to the rabbit's ability to procreate quickly, the rabbit is a perfect symbol for fertility - which is a life cycle that occurs in the spring with Mother Earth.  

And eggs- from the egg comes the chicken and all sorts of other life.

OMazing how the Sacred Feminine is at the core of all of HIStories.

The Goddess -  here, there, everywhere