Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Peek-a-boo, where are you?

Totally honest -no blockages, no veils, peeling back all the layers.

Honesty - I was afraid to burden others with my truths and used to fear what others thought - tee hee!!! at least this one is passe - walking around with hair on your legs and being yourself regardless of what others see or think - broke this barrier down completely.  Bye bye to to this layer of IN-secure-ity.

I am finding that my own explorations of the terrain called ME is quite exciting.  I have been adventurous as I tiptoe through the valleys and ravines of ME, letting go of some of what I once labeled as "mistakes" or "faults".  Learning to reLANGUAGE these landmarks and hotspots as "gifts" and "blessings".  The parts of me that make me U-nique and different and yet so the same and interconnected to others. 

I am living within an emotional environment of TRUTH.   Keeping my heart open to what I FEEL and cannot yet see.  Trusting my heart and the GREAT GODDESS/MOTHER GAIA to keep me from closing off - no disappearing acts or running away -  being fully present in my relationships and friendships and life in general.

If my path is to be successful, then I must share it.  I cannot shrink because others may feel envious.  NO MORE!!!  I have released relationships with women who were not ready to support me in whatever direction my STAR takes off.  ReMEMBERing that this guidance and HELP is within - Goddess knows there are so many here within me, tee hee!!! - I have my own cheerleading squad, my own PEEPS,  to PRO-pel me forward.  Go, Goddess, Go.

And of course, truly opening my eyes and realizing all the Goddesses/SISTERS who are around me - who connect and call and reMIND and nurture and love me and help me keep the flame connected and burning strong so that I may light the fire under theirs.

Peek-a-boo, where are you?  I'm ready to come out and play!!!

(The awesome picture above was created in PhotoBooth on my MacBook using Mirror effect)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #115 - GUIDE

I am sitting here typing away -  contemplating this week's Sunday Scribblings prompt - Guide - and what I have to share.   

Ruby Meow, is purring beside me, nudging my hand and trying to show me something.  I am busy writing and not paying attention to the message she is attempting to transmit.  I don't speak Meow language.  She conveys that this is language of the heart.  I have always known this language.  I just need to be still and see how her tail flickers or her ears shift or her whiskers quiver as she GUIDEs me to what is truly important.  

I stop my busy fingers and I sit back.  She comes to knead me and we sit here, quietly.   I open myself to being in the moment with Ruby Meow, her and me, her purring, my breathing.  And in the silence, I hear it.  A small yet steady voice, whispering within - waiting to GUIDE me, waiting patiently for me to heed her calling.

Guides come in all shapes and sizes, from within when we are ready to listen and all around us to reMIND us of the one within.

Crone Goddess Ruby is a cherished member of our family.  She has been an instrumental GUIDE in reminding me to nap and slow down and sink into my bones.  She is an expert shiatsu therapist and teaches me to communicate without words.

Thank  you Ruby Meow for this purrfect moment together and helping me RE-member where my GUIDE-ance can be found.