Saturday, December 29, 2007

Now and Then - Sunday Scribblings

But for THEN, there would be no NOW.

I have been shifting my understanding of myself, changing from a half-empty to a half-full kind of perspective, in all aspects of my life. And the hardest part of that is my self talk. How I view myself. I find that in the past, I have been very hard on myself, focusing more on what hasn't been done rather than what I have accomplished. And sometimes stuck in the past for how I could have done things differently.

In my process of self discovery this year, I am making peace with the past. But for THEN, I would not be here NOW, sharing myself with you, dear Reader. And THEN has a lot of juicy stuff as I am relishing the adventures that have brought me to the HERE and NOW.

It took the lens of GRATITUDE to see all the yummy and exhilarating life lessons that have created me, Goddess Diana, the human bean that I am becoming. Looking at THEN and seeing how it has shaped NOW. And finding the gifts of THEN in the NOW.

On the eve of this New Year and my upcoming Birth-Day, I am so grateful for THEN. I am so blessed for where it has brought me NOW.

Thank you for this opportunity to share.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Flat Stanley (in-spired by Choochie Jr.)

My niece in Texas, GIRL (Goddess in Real Life) Vanessa created her own Flat Stanley at school and sent him to me for an adventure. She explained to me that Flat Stanley, based on a book from Jeff Brown, is a paper doll who got flattened and sent out into the Universe through the mail to have adventures.

I am always a little stuck when I need to create. I wasn't sure how to be "original" and be "different". So, Flat Stanley sat by my bedside, waiting for me to relax and be myself and play. And play we did.

First, we played with my neighbor Tamara. She came over and we pulled out some instruments and Flat Stanley joined us as we created some beautiful harmonies. And then Flat Stanley expressed a desire to create in my kitchen and so he got to discover some vegetables he'd never heard of before.

And that in-spired me to take Flat Stanley to the beach. He loved the ocean and the sand. And then we weent to Josh's Organic Garden and saw all the beautiful bins of produce - reds, greens, oranges. And Flat Stanley whispered in my ear that he wanted to touch and feel. So, I put him in different bins so he could fill his senses and I photographed him amidst the rainbow of colors.

And so many women passing by seemed to know Flat Stanley. They whispered and giggled as I photographed: "Look, there's Flat Stanley." He seemed to have achieved a superstardom all of his own.

Is this a national trend, I wonder? Is it the concept of a doll? or being asked by a child to share an adventure? I went to my trusted friend, the Internet to research this phenomena.

I found the Flat Stanley project which has been going on for 10 years strong. And while Jeff Brown wrote a book that has had a beautiful ripple effect, it was a bunch of Grade 3 Teachers in London, Ontario who started the project of creating paper Flat Stanleys and having their students mail them to others and track Stanleys' whereabouts and learn to communicate with others through the power of the written word.

Kudos to the teachers who in-spire and shape the young minds of the children who will one day rule our world.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

HOLIDAY MEMORIES - Sunday Scribblings

For me, every day is a holy-day.

WSM Noah and I celebrate ChristmaHanuKwanza in order to encompass all the holy-days at this time of the year. No particular religious rituals except random acts of kindness and peace on earth and good will to all.

Holy-day memories for me are always associated with music. Something about this time of year when the resonance and harmony of the music played is happy and cheerful. The melodies are catchy and sweet and have such a great beat.

The jingles are easy on the ear and played so many times on the air and everywhere you go, that they become ingrained into your subconscious.

And so you find the lyrics on your tongue and tunes resonating with your heart.

And the peaceful vibration it creates is so wonderful. Whether it's singing along with the radio or listening to a barbershop quartet (Thank you Goddess Bliss) - holiday music evokes a sense of joy and gratitude for the people in my life and where I am, in the here and now.

They say a picture paints a thousand words. I hope this video gets the point right across.

P.S. And the holy-day of December 24 has always been a wonderful association for me - as it is the day I got married to WSM Noah - soon to be TEN years ago. Thank you Goddess for this blessing and for this man.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

DANCE - Sunday Scribblings

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I believe I might be peeling the translucent layers that surround the heart/the core. Since these are harder to see, they require gentleness in order to not tear the delicate skin.

I am in the process of learning gratitude in every dimension of my life. The most challenging one is cleaning my home. Really learning the process of being a homemaker and caretaker - breaking down my house into parts and devoting energies into different rooms as I sort, clear, purge and clean (washing floors, windows, dusting.....). I turned on the music and let myself dance (something I had not done in quite a while). As I sang along to my tunes and swayed, I felt a shift in my vibrational energy. As the water in the mop bucket got darker, I felt my sadness lift.

Dancing . I have always believed that dancing is the way to reconnect myself with my body - to truly inhabit the space within - it is so amazing how music can fill my soul and all of a sudden, my foot starts twitching and drumming a beat and then my hand follows, tapping a rhythm on my thigh - until I surrender to the music and let myself go and allow my energy to flow.

Dancing started at a young age. Friday nights after dinner, we'd gather in the basement and dance: Abba (Dancing Queen), Neil Diamond (Coming to America), Boney M (By the River of Babylon) and anything from the soundtrack of Grease. My cousins and I, my parents, my aunts and uncles - we would release all the tensions and cares of the weeks and boogie on down.

When I was in my teens, my girlfriends and I would sneak into the bars and dance, dance, dance - we didn't care for the drinking or the men - just the music pulsating in our veins and the unrestrained freedom of moving and sweating and being.

And so, it was a real pleasure to re-mind myself of how important dance is to my soul, my body and me.

I sway - I sashay - I spin - I move my hips - I do the hokey pokey and I turn myself about - that's what it's all about!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007


These last three weeks, the TURTLE keeps on entering my life.

I was in Orlando canoeing down a river on a REDNECK YACHT where I saw all these turtle
s, just waiting for us to float by.

And then, in Tennessee at Goddess Bliss' house, I had the opportunity to meet Turtle-ini, a delightful turtle with an awesome personality.

And Monday afternoon, I went to the beach to detox and change my energy. We ended up on a different part of the beach then we usually go to and found a sand sculpture. At first, I thought it was a castle with some tunnels and entrances. And then, when I walked around to the front, I saw it was a turtle. Synchronicities abound!!!

Yesterday, walking through the Cultural Center in Hollywood, I saw an old acquaintance teaching a class. As I looked in the window of the door, she picked up a painting and started telling her class about how she painted Red, her most favorite turtle companion.

I believe the Universe sends me signs - "Sign, sign, everywhere I go, ...." - all the time when I slow down enough to pay attention.

I also believe that when an animal enters my life, it is here to show me or teach me something.

More specifically, the animals that appear in our lives are here to guide us and teach us. Shamanistic cultures believe that these animals are totems.

TOTEM (as defined by Wikipedia): any entity which watches over or assists a group of people, such as a family, clan or tribe. In kinship and descent, if the ancestor of a clan is nonhuman, it is called a totem.

I got onto the Internet and searched for the significance of my totem animal, the turtle.

This is what I found at Lin's Domain:

Turtle is the oldest symbol for the Earth.
It is the personification of GODDESS ENERGY
(LOL!!! Thank you Universe for this great sign) and the eternal Earth itself.

If you have a Turtle totem, you must be mindful of returning to the Earth what she has given you. Honor the creative source within you. Use water and earth energies to create a harmonious flow in your life. Ask the Earth for assistance and her riches will pour forth.

If a Turtle totem shows up in your life, slow down the pace of your life.
(My mantra is GO SLOW!!! Thank you Universe for this reminder) Bigger, stronger, faster are not always the best ways to reach your goals.

Turtle is fine teacher of the art of grounding.
When you learn to ground yourself to Earth's power and strength,
you place focus on your thoughts and actions
and use the Earth's limitless energies rather than your own to accomplish your will.

Turtle is the keeper of doors and one of the ways into the Faerie Realm.

After the healing experience I had in Tennessee with Goddess Bliss, I am grateful for this totem in my life - just as I am opening my heart to my Angels and Guides.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Strong Woman

"So often in our world we tend to think of strength as a quality that arises from a place of firm determination and a will to succeed no matter the cost. What really makes a woman confident is her capacity for listening to her true self and being able to call upon her feminine wisdom to any situation that may arise; to get in touch with her insight and sense of compassion to truly demonstrate the depth of her strength. Our capacity to tap into our intuition and listen to our inner guides, to take into account the needs of those around us, and to view a situation with compassion and love are ways that we can show the world the true power that is part of our feminine nature. "

- excerpted from Daily Om, Empowering Feminine Energy, 10/22/07

As I was pondering these words and letting them sink in deep to resonate with my heart, I thought about the times that I listen within for that small voice which vibrates her message to me when I slow down long enough to hear it. And how when that happens, everything around me flows. You know, one little synchronicity after another.

Kind of like my life ever since I made the decision to do things different. Quitting my job and leaving the corporate world and trusting that I would find my way eventually. Having faith in the universe that whatever I need will be provided to me. Listening to my heart when our society tells me something different. Being gentle and loving and choosing to be HAPPY.

Yes, I am a powerful FLFT (Fearless Leader of Feminine Truth) Goddess. I am ready to share HER-STORY so that we may bring Peace to our Planet.

Monday, November 26, 2007

SPC - What I Wear - WEEK 4 - Wearing Gratitude

Thanksgiving at Soul Mama's house. Found myself a quiet moment away from the eating and action. Me and BABY GIRL (Goddess in Real Life) Riley and Ellie Mae. All joined together. I felt so humbled by this little PEEP in my lap with her little legs draped over mine and Ellie Mae's paws draped over hers.

A love fest of the Thanksgiving kind.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

SPC - What I Wear {week 3}

As I was sitting here, at the end of my day, filling my heart with gratitude at all the wonderful things I have in my life - my vision shifted to the clothes I had hung up to dry.

I studied the colors and and I thought to myself - what a wonderful life I have. These are the clothes that I wear on a daily basis as I set out into the world.

I wear a lotus flower on me bum and a tag inside from the manufacturer, BE PRESENT. The material is lightweight and dries fast and has a slit on the backside from the knee down. Great pants for yoga or just around town.

The Green Tea Fiona bra with no underwire (I prefer not to put metal anywhere around my breasts) amply supports me for all my physical endeavors. I own it in Moonstone, Petal, Fuschia, Black and White. On bra washing day, my bra rainbow display is quite beautiful. Now, this is one of the best bras I have ever had. Moving Comfort was created by two women who make high-performance athletic wear for women exclusively. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

I have taken to wearing hats as another way to express my individuality or when I have to face the elements (our hot Florida sun). The picture here with my niece Alexandra, has me sporting a lovely reversible beach hat from Hanna Andersson. I bought identical ones for each of my nieces in orange and green.

The blue T-shirt I wear is from Amnesty International. It quotes the late great John Lennon and his prophetic message of IMAGINE. And yes, that is the wonderful & sexy WSM Noah by my side.

The necklace, the healing art that I wear for protection and strength is lovingly intuited and created by Goddess Bliss of Tennessee, a Glory sister and WildChild Diva. It is a nugget of Rose Quartz symbolizing my unconditional love for all that I meet.

This is the world I have created for myself. These are the colors I am using to paint my daily canvas. My heart overflow with great-full-ness for the great job that I have on this Earth - expressing life - just being ME.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Seeds sprouting

Two and a half years ago, I followed my intuition and went to Austin, Texas to attend a chanting workshop with Deva Premal and Miten. I met a whole bunch of new friends, all powerful singers and healers. After the workshop, I kept in touch with as many participants who were willing. We kept up email correspondence and got to know each other slowly through the things we chose to share. Recently, one of these seeds sprouted.

On Thursday, WSM Rodney arrived from Dallas. We went and had dinner and he met WSM Noah and then we had the opportunity to laugh together at my weekly Laughter Yoga circle . He came to attend a Deva Premal/Miten concert that was held in Miami on Friday.

WSM Noah and I were so blessed to be his guests for this concert. And what an evening it was. We flowed through traffic on our way to downtown Miami and then found a wonderful parking spot right outside the Unity Church. WSM Rodney went to WillCall to pick up the tickets and found out that we had been invited to sit in the first four rows.

We sat amongst a group of people from Bimini who spend their days playing and learning from the dolphins. Their energy was so peaceful and happy and tanned. And then, Deva and Miten and Manose appeared on the stage. I was so close, I could see her close her eyes and allow spirit to fill her before she opened her mouth and released her beautiful and powerful voice. She also sings and performs with her eyes closed.

We were in a large room filled to capacity (800 people). I was seated between WSM Noah and WSM Rodney and they were both chanting. Powerful men expressing their softer side.

When we were led into "There is so Much Magnificence" and Miten (pronounced Me-Ten) asked the men to sing for the Goddesses in the room and for the Goddesses within, it was magical. The mens' voices rose in one accord . And then Deva led the women in a Hallelujah as the men kept on singing their lyrics. It's so hard to explain. I include this clip so you can get a glimpse of what this was all about:

We sang and chanted, almost in kirtan style (call and response) and we co-labor-rated to create a sweet and poweful harmony. And we ended in shared silence.

And at the end of the evening when we OM'd three times, 800+ voices vibrating together created a resonance and heat and peaceful energy that left me floating for three days.

Thank you WSM Rodney.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


This is similar to what my cats look when I make a good decision. As I was thinking of what I was going to write, Ruby was smiling and purring, encouraging me on.

Writing it here - in black and white - putting it out there for the world to see - has greater implications then the act itself.

Writing holds your soul accountable.

Accountable: required or expected to justify actions or decisions.

It's not just a thought that I can push away or ignore. It's an action I take that makes it real.

With my imprinted pattern of fear of commitment, writing has been an issue for me. How much to write? how much to reveal? what do I want to be responsible for?

After much meditation and soul wandering, what comes up for me is ALL OF IT. I am ready to step up to the plate and DEAL. For whatever it's worth. And I can do it too.

I have done some amazing things in the last few years in the transformation of ME and I am ready to share and honor myself and WRITE - so that something will not be left unsaid.


A few days ago, sweet blessings brought me to an online chat with Goddess Smartgirl - a veritable Meeting of Minds (MOM). Thank you Goddess SmartGirl for inspiring this post.

MOMs are awesome because of the synergy created when two or more people share the intention to communicate and be present. It is so awesome what comes up and what gems of wisdom are shared.

For me, this MOM helped me realize my PRIORITY when setting BOUNDARIES. I know, big words. Time to define and create meaning

PRIORITY - facts/conditions that are treated as most important

BOUNDARY - a dividing line that marks off an area

Okay, so there are certain conditions that are important that mark off the area of my "personal space" - the area surrounding me which is considered my domain/territory.

What came up for me was MAINTENANC

MAINTENANCE - process of keeping something in good condition - for years, I would equate maintenance with getting an oil change in my car.

It took time to apply this word to my body. What does it mean - maintenance - in my life? It used to be 3 square meals a day, roof over my head, clothes on my body, couch under my butt and TV to get lost in for hours after a stress filled work day. That was in SURVIVAL mode.

After leaving my job and getting rid of the TV and learning that I need 5 mini-meals/snacks a day rather than 3 squares and lots of exercise to keep my heart happy an
d my cells rejuvenated - I have redefined what MAINTENANCE of body means to me.

1. STRETCHING - do you know how complex the human body is? I went to see BODIES. What an amazing educational experience about the sacred vessel my soul resides in. By stretching, I give my joints and cells a chance to receive oxygen and flush out whatever toxins are stuck, static or stale. YOGA which is the connection between breath and body has been a wonderful addition to my maintenance program in helping me stretch and grow.

2. WALKING - Maintenance of my body requires at least 1/2 hour of revving my motor up. I create this opportunity for myself by walking every day. It helps m
e get my body temperature up and brings good clean oxygen in and I get to check out my neighborhood and talk to the birds and trees. I get up early so I can commune with the stars and stay away from the cars.

3. DANCING - I spend another 1/2 hour for body maintenance by DANCING - putting on a good beat and letting my body pick up the rhythm and the rhyme.

4. LAUGHING - Maintenance of my body requires me to LAUGH. Deep and from my belly and releasing all the muscles in my face and jaw as I allow my heart to tell my body to smile. And it feels so good. I get flushed and oxygen rushes in and the feel good chemicals my body produces course through my cells. At least five times a day, I LOL!!!

5. EATING - Maintenance of my body requires me to
nurture my cells with food that is full of life and energy - once a week, we go to Josh's Organic Garden on Hollywood Beach and fill our box with greens (chard, lettuce, spinach and zucchini) and reds (beets, tomatoes and apples), yellows (bananas, lemons) and oranges (sweet potatoes, peppers, papaya).

6. NATURE - Maintenance of my body requires me to BE outdoors - BE in NATURE - watch the clouds go by and marvel at the cosmic patterns as I relax my mind and connect to the natural world. Listen to the birds, smell the flowers, hug a tree, dance with the butterflies. So many possibilities.

7. PLAY - Maintenance of my body requires me to CREATE each and every day. I find that I create best when I have an atmosphere where I can play. My mind rests and I connect to the Divine within and co-LABOR-rate to manifest a vision, a feeling, a vibe. This was my latest creation:

8. SLEEP - Maintenance of my body requires me to sleep early and get 6 hours of snuggles with my pillow. I am noticing that when the sun goes down to bed, I too am ready to call it a day. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise said Benjamin Franklin. It definitely seems to work for a Goddess too.

9. CHOICES - I choose what goes in my body. What I see, what I hear, what I read, where I am. I choose not to be in toxic environments - second hand smoke, loud noises, violent media (TV & Movies), environments with alcohol and angry people. These toxins get under my skin and tense up my spine. Body maintenance requires awareness to what goes in and what gets absorbed.

When my physical needs of maintenance are met - my motor revs and
PURRS. My body is then so grateful, it fine tunes with my soul to create a SWEET HARMONY. The feelings of bliss and peace achieved in this state are what keep me coming back for more.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Seeds of Gratitude

Two years ago, I bought my first plant at the RFCV Exotic Plant Sale.

I planted Mrs. Passiflora along the fence dividing me from my neighbors. The first year it sprouted a little and covered a few inches of the fence. When Mrs. P and I had a heart to heart , she told me that I was not paying enough attention to her and the sacred ground in which I had created her home. I understood that without intimate connection to Earth Mother there could not be any meaningful growth.

Over the last year, Zeko and I play by Mrs. PassiFlora. He led me out one day and began to roll around and play near her leaves. And now we sing to her and commune with the
Earth. And how she has grown!!! Her leafy tendrils reach for the sky and spread onto the metal mesh as she expands and grows.

This year, I was truly open to hearing her and learning her language. I lay my body on the ground next to her and allowed my heart beat to flow with her rhythm.

Mrs. Passiflora rewarded me amply. Beautif
ul purple and white flowers, with hairy tendrils that tickle the nose and give just a hint of aroma. What sweet nectar!!! Her flowers blossomed all over the vine. And then, her flowers closed up after a few days of exquisite beauty. A week later, they reopened to emerge swollen with green fruit.

In my many travels in the Carribean, I have had the pleasure of drinking her juice and tasting her fruit - however, I knew of her as Maracudja and she was purple.

When this fruit ripens, it becomes a reddish/purple color and all wrinkly and old looking. And that is when Mrs. Passiflora's seed is ready to yield her fruit and sweet juice. We were blessed this summer with an abundant crop. We scooped her seeds and yummy juice on top of vanilla frozen yogurt for an ultimate taste treat.

My seed of gratitude to Eric LaBrum, unofficial caretaker of the Gardens, who showed me his way of taking care of Mother Earth.
I am so grateful. I am so blessed.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


What is that?
I did not choose it.
It was given to me.
It has implications.
My parents named me after another

And yet, a name has mystical value.
Meaning that is not always apparent at first glance.

Two names we are given.

One chosen by others and a family name to carry forth.
First, it was my father’s.
And then
it was my husband’s.
And then when I remarried, STOP!!!
No more aliases.
No more identifying and branding.

Enough is enough.

I am not to be known by my father.
I am not here to bring forth a his-story.

I choose to do something different.
I choose to name my own vessel.

I went to Court to file a petition
Asked by the Judge to state my grounds
This is the first step towards ultimate goal
of emancipation from the Patriarchy

It is who I am, It is my name
He signed t
he order & shook my hand
I never met a Goddess before.
I smiled - a Goddess gave birth to you.
She just had a different name.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Doing Something New

Every year for my birthday, I challenge myself to try something new.

When I turned 37, I needed something truly different to set the tone for my year. I decided to jump out of an airplane and skydive. I thought it might give me a different way to look at things. At least shake things up and yank me out of my comfort zone.

Birthday weekend, WSM Noah and I got into the car and drove about 2 and 1/2 hours away to Lake Wales, Florida. The professionals at Florida SkyDiving Center were so friendly and nice. After we waived our rights and signed our names approximately 47 times (Noah asking: Are you sure you want to do this???), we were outfitted and instructed and ready to board our craft.

We hired videographers to have the whole experience for future viewings. We were led onto a teeny airplane where we sat on a bench facing the exit door and seated backwards from the direction of flight. We then got strapped into or securely attached to our instructors for our tandem dives.

The freefall portion of my tandem skydive was an exhilarating 60 seconds of 120 M.P.H. freefall -until the parachute opened. The freefall was awesome, amazing, exciting, terrifying, loud, complete sensory overload, inspiring and quite windy - like flappy skin pulled back to your bones and downright chilly and eyes tearing through your glasses windy.

With a snap and a whoosh, the parachute opened and we launched back up into the air. All of a sudden the deafening noise stopped, the wind became manageable and we started to FLY. Whee!!!

Floating ontop of the world, gliding by the clouds, talking to the birds and taking in the scenery. Watching our airplane land below us as we spiraled to the left and to the right, we came in for a really smooth landing.

And once you have tasted flight,
You will walk with your eyes turned skyward,
For there you have been,
And there you long to return.

-Leonardo da Vinci

I remember feeling so small and humbled by my flight in the clouds and the beauty and size of our universe. And yet, I felt larger than life and invicible - WOW!!! What things I could accomplish now that I had done what was for me previously unthinkable.

Birthdays are a great time for me to stretch myself beyond my own boundaries, explore the unknown and see what surprises it holds for me.

Doing something new and different and overcoming and going through my fears helped me see myself in a new light. And it did wonders for my self-esteem!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


I have an amazing friend called WSM Zeberofsky. He and WSM Noah went to the same school in Israel 25 years ago. After all these years, they are still in touch with one another. Their deep bond and friendship truly inspires me.

One of the many gifts that Zeberofsky bestows upon us is himself. He entertain
s me with all the versatile ways he has of saying ALO. I love receiving messages from him on my answering machine because he is creative and imaginative and inventive - his messages make me LAUGH OUT LOUD.

Zeberofsky a/k/a ALOMAN has a great appreciation of music and movies. He shares with me what I lovingly call the "A" list - media that has passed his high standards and are definitely worth checking out.

Aloman shares his resources (knowledge), network and compassion and is a true "LOVECAT" as described in Tim Sander's book, Love is the Killer App.

The movies recommended are fantastic stories that have given me valuable lessons to contemplate and absorb and apply. As for the music, it resonates in my bones. Play i
t loud and play it proud.

Thank you Aloman, my brother from another mother, for just being you.

Keep on shining your light.

"A" LIST contenders (click on the pictures to check them out):

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Simplest Teachings

Words of Wisdom (WOW)
in the most unusual places and
spaces tend to resonate in my heart.

These gems were found on Bumper Stickers and T-Shirts.

Walking into the courthouse last week, a man was wearing a handwritten note taped to his T-shirt:


Walking in Philadelphia (city of brotherly LOVE), a man wearing a T-Shirt which read:


In California, we spotted a bumper sticker for a local AA chapter:


A bumper sticker adorning the wall of my Goddess Studio and re-minding me of who I be:


And this one which helps me re-member the basics as I stretch and isolate muscles on the Pilates reformer.

Amazing what a few well meaning words can do. Things that make you go hmmm...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Brisket & Limiting Beliefs

Brisket Just Like Bubbe Made It

"A young Jewish mother is preparing a brisket one Friday for Shabbat dinner Her daughter watches with interest as the mother slices off the ends of the Brisket before placing it in the roasting pan. The young girl asks her mother why she did this.

The mother pauses for a moment and then says, "You know, I'm not sure. This is the way I always saw my mother make a brisket. Let's call Grandma and ask her." So, she phones her mother and asks why they always slice the ends off the brisket before roasting.

The Grandmother thinks for a moment and then says, "You know, I'm not sure why, this is the way I always saw MY mother make a brisket." Now the two women are very curious, so they pay a visit to the great-grandmother in the nursing home. "You know when we make a brisket," they explain, "we always slice off the ends before roasting. Why is that?"

"I don't know why YOU do it," says the old woman, "but I never had a pan that was large enough!"

I love this story. It always makes me think of what other beliefs I carry blindly. In fact, Don Miguel Ruiz in The Four Agreements writes that: "as children we didn't have the opportunity to choose our beliefs, but we agreed with the information that was passed to us from the dream of the planet via other humans." In fact, nothing about us is our own, including our names.

So, I started to explore things I had never questioned before.

An ARTIST, me? Couldn't be. I always had a belief of what it meant to be an ARTIST. ARTIST as defined in most dictionaries is: "a person who practices one of the fine arts, esp. a painter or sculptor. " My grandfather's artwork was always displayed on the walls of our house. He was and is an ARTIST.

Now, I can't draw. I just recently started painting (and not canvases, just walls). And for a long time, I didn't even see myself as creative.

And then I saw this:And, it shifted my perception and belief about who an artist can be or what an artist can do.

Tis a beautiful thing to learn new truths about yourself.

I wonder what other self limiting beliefs I need to re-examine?

Sunday, September 30, 2007

What is most Important


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fearless Leader of Feminine Truth

I have always been afraid that my words would be used against me. That my words would help convict me. That my words would be misconstrued and abused. And suddenly, that doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

And so what if they are? I will write more.

And so what if others do not like what I have to say? It is my time to speak up and share.

There are a million just like me, who talk like me and walk like me (thanks Eminem) - who can relate to what I have to say, who might find solace in my words, who might help release grief because of what I share.

And besides, my words are not my own. I am divinely inspired.

What gives me the right to cut off the source? What allows me to not trust my voice and share the gift of writing that I have been given? Is my ego so big that I cannot allow the divine flow to take over and just be an instrument without putting myself in the way?

I am the garden hose through which the Goddess nourishes her plants.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

What's in a word?

This word is so loaded. So many implications. It stirs up so many emotions. Most people can't say it or hear it.

I have chosen it to represent me. It is my spiritual name. My label, in a society that labels me patriarchally (my father's name, my husband's name). It is my way of re-MEMBER-ing who I am. It is my way of re-MIND-ing others of the choices available. It is my way of embracing my feminine, my YIN energy. It is me opening up to the essence of being a woman.

What is a

To me, it is the merging of my INNER CHILD with my FEMININE ESSENCE.

And what does that really mean? Well, applying the KISS Method - keeping it short and simple.

INNER CHILD: wise soul that inhabits your body

FEMININE: having qualities and/or attitudes traditionally associated with women.
Well, that definition of FEMININE just answers it all for me - NOT!!!

ESSENCE: nature or quality of something

I am still trying to figure this out for myself as I navigate through what our society and environment (thank you 4th Estate a/k/a media) bombards us with as FEMININE.

By the age of seven, I was already deeply indoctrinated in the PRINCESS mythology (my gratitude to Walt Disney). Well, actually, let's give thanks to the Grimms Brothers and their fairy tales .... I am beginning to see a pattern.... and that gave me an image, a taste for what a girl was supposed to be when she grew up - and pictures paint a thousand words in solidifying meaning of a word.

My nieces are all indoctrinated Princesses (and they have so many "role models" to choose from - Aurora, Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White).

Yet, they are GIRLs (Goddesses in Real Life) instead. I wonder where they will see this image so they can build healthy self-esteem and individuality instead of trying to be wannabe princesses.