Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

WSM Noah and I had a Valentine's date last night.
What a beautiful end to a fabulous day.

We spent the day with our PEEPS - the people we love.
Long walk with GMama -
Spending the day with Uncle Josh
Valentine's dinner at Mom and Dad's with SoulMama and our family Peeps.
Dennis DeYoung performing STYX with an orchestra concert.

Last night at the Broward Performing Arts Center Au Rene Theatre, I saw him live for the very first time - at age 62 - with the same voice I used to listen come out of my record player in 1981. Woohoo.

I was giddy with glee, belly full we settled into our seats. I heard him first and felt myself melting - somewhere back in time - a deeply embedded memory of playing records in the basement in Montreal. The 42 year old who sat down became a 14 year old hip hopping air drumming singing every lyric in your seat kind of neighbor. The orchestra was OMazing giving these rock ballad operas a depth to the auricular senses as the beat reverberated around us and through us. Total Emotional Intelligence. Ha ha ha.

WSM Dennis made me melt even more when he introduced us to his wife Suzanne of 42 years (we love you Suzanne) and then played Lady with an introductory Bolero de Ravel from the orchestra. Sigh. Heart open, body beat synchronizing to the common vibration - I felt true bliss in my heart - my head on Noah's shoulder, we sat in the relative dark - feeling our common heartbeat - we and our PEEPS. Peeps who knew the music before ME and after ME and chose to show up to soak it in.

We sang, we cried, we laughed, and we sang some more. WSM Dennis and his conception of creative harmony between the genres - Don't Let It End (with Claude Debussy Claire de la Lune) - Lorelei (with Mozart's Eine Klein Nacht) and some OMazing renditions of Sweet Madame Blue, Best of Times and the grande finale with Come Sail Away - alltime favorite - can even play the opening tune on the piano - ha ha ha.

We left the theatre feeling all warm and fuzzy - hearts full and happy.

Thank you LOVERBoy for your family and mine and WE.