Saturday, June 11, 2011

EmmaMamie & our Family

Today I spent all day at the Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute. I left the house at 8:00 a.m. and returned after 7:00 p.m. This is the first time since EmmaMammie has joined our household that I have been apart from her for so long.

I came home tired and sore. Sitting and learning inside for 4-6 hour stretches creates a lot of stress on my joints. Sister Goddess Candis came over to give me a thai massage - yummy body love. As we settled into my yoga studio, ZekoMeow and GingerMama entered the room and joined us. Elly Belly was surveying us all from under the bed. This is usually the routine when healing chi takes place. All of our souls are together in the room - feeling and grounding the energy.

Tonight, I am extremely sensitive. Being around 59 creative souls has opened up energy channels and neural pathways that were long dormant. My fingers and toes tingle and Sister Goddess Candis cannot apply any pressure at all. She lays her fingers down and lets her heat seep into me. Rather than our usual stretches, we are rotating the joints - slow and easy.

To my surprise, EmmaMammie made an appearance. She purred her way over to the yoga mats - sashaying her way right past GingerMama without even a hiss or a nod to ZekoMeow and Elly Belly. As Candis massaged the crown of my head, EmmaMammie jumped over my throat. I felt her tail swishing as it touched my lips. I sensed my throat chakra activate. Just as Candis was moving her fingers down my scalp and onto my temples, EmmaMammie did it again. She jumped over my throat from the opposite direction - her tail swishing my heartspace.

She then settled on a Zabufon pillow and purred as she watched the gentle stretching and touching occur. My family sat there and held sacred space while I released the tension built up in my body. I let go of the emotions I picked up. I adjusted to the new level of sensitivity and allowed myself to go deep into my body.

Thank you EmmaMammie for joining our family tonight in ritual. Thank you for sharing your love with Sister Goddess Candis and holding sacred space for me to learn about my sensitivities and how the CHI flows within me.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 2 - EmmaMammie

Hi World - this house is so exciting.

The DOG (they call her GingerMama) got the humans going at 5:45 a.m. this morning. Goddess peeked in to check up on me. We got to snuggle for a few minutes and then she gave me fresh water. Woohoo. She closed the door. I think I'll go back to bed.

Woohoo - she's back - she smells so yummy - like grass and trees and dog and wait - she's putting something down on the floor in a pretty blue bowl - I think it's food - a big stretch - I am getting up for some of this.

Today, I would like to get a better perspective of my space. I'm going to jump up on the table and take a look. An IPAD - ha ha ha - lots of heat coming out of this thing - I'll just rub my head here.

A gray Meow walked into my room today - looked like he owned the place - walked right across the room and jumped onto the windowsill and then he was gone. Perhaps I will go for a little walk today myself and explore this house and the smells and the sounds or maybe I will go take another nap for Meow.

The Gray Meow growled an intro - my name is Senor Zeko - follow the rules Little One and we will get along just fine. He even let me jump onto his bookshelf and take a catnap together. Woohoo. Meow for nowe

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A new Soul

Today I met my Fairy GodMother and the GodFather.

They brought me Emma.
She came in a little pink cat box - so shy and sweet.

I prepared a space for her in my creative room - she crawled under the cabinets until she could scope out her new surroundings.

Books and more books - a standing Pilates machine - a bench - some drums - a table - electronics - and three HUmans - the GodParents and me.

Emma came out and gave the GodFather a headbump - rubbed herself around his legs and approved of the situation.

Noah walked into the room and joined us. Emma, LOVERGirl that she is, immediately recognized my LOVERBoy and made him her own. Ha ha ha.

She fell in love with her bed and retired - so much excitement in one day - aware that there is so much more to explore and other souls to meet - her water untouched, she purred herself to sleep.

Watching this soul stirs up so many emotions for me - missing Lucky Girl and feeling so blessed for the opportunity to open my heart and home to this sweet soul. Watching Emma she looks right into my eyes, stretches and comes to headbump me - her purr so strong and pure. "EmmaMammie" she tells me. "EmmaMammie" I put out into the Universe. She headbumps me again and wraps her tail around my wrist. "EmmaMammie" welcome home.

Thank you Fairy Godmother Natty and GodFather Eddy for this OMazing gift of life and putting our soul family back together again.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Romanian Adventures

Here are some of the pictures of my trip to Romania - such sweet memories - and of course being in the Mountains. Woohoo.

Romanian Adventures

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pusi Pusi

which means Kiss Kiss in Romanian and is the name of the PussyCat above with whom I shared a bed. I spent a week in Romania with my Mom visiting my Mom's Mom - my Mamama. Decided to go back to the roots and uncover all of our mama dramas.

My grandma lives in Bucarest with her pussycat, Pusi. We spent two days walking around this city (a miniature Paris with its own Eiffel Tower) and eating - COVRIGI (homemade pretzels) and KLATITE (crepes) and DOVLECEI (light green zucchini).

Then we took a 3 1/2 hour train ride to Brasov, a little town in the midst of mountains. This is where my Mom spent her childhood - swimming and hiking and playing.

I found a boutique hotel about 6 miles out of town and into the mountains - Poaina Brasov (which is a ski resort). This place is called Chambers n Charms - it only has 9 rooms - of which 5 are suites. I rented a Moroccan themed room with a bathtub large enough for three. Upon entering our suite, you felt like you had left Romania and entered into another world. The decor was sublime - red walls and blue walls - and curtains to the ceiling and teapots and hookahs and candles and carpets. This suite was OMazing with a patio overlooking the mountains. Woohoo. And Mamama loved their all you can eat breakfast served every morning. A great Woohoo to Alexandru who met our every demand and made this a most magnificent stay.

We were met in town by friends of my parents (Doru and Michaela) who escorted us everywhere and then some. We even went to the town of Bran and saw the reputed castle of Count Dracului.

We met up with an Auntie I had never met yet - who prepared a 10 course meal (standard Romanian hospitality). I fell asleep in the third course - totally stuffed and catching up with my jetlag - ha ha ha.

We immersed ourselves in the wonderful mountain air and hiked (Mom and me) and ate farm fresh eggs and more COVRIGI and artisanal cheeses. We laughed and sang and shared stories.

It was OMazing reconnecting with the female members of my family - helped me recharge my batteries and get grounded. My next post will include more photos of this mother-daughter-grandmother excursion.