Sunday, June 5, 2011

A new Soul

Today I met my Fairy GodMother and the GodFather.

They brought me Emma.
She came in a little pink cat box - so shy and sweet.

I prepared a space for her in my creative room - she crawled under the cabinets until she could scope out her new surroundings.

Books and more books - a standing Pilates machine - a bench - some drums - a table - electronics - and three HUmans - the GodParents and me.

Emma came out and gave the GodFather a headbump - rubbed herself around his legs and approved of the situation.

Noah walked into the room and joined us. Emma, LOVERGirl that she is, immediately recognized my LOVERBoy and made him her own. Ha ha ha.

She fell in love with her bed and retired - so much excitement in one day - aware that there is so much more to explore and other souls to meet - her water untouched, she purred herself to sleep.

Watching this soul stirs up so many emotions for me - missing Lucky Girl and feeling so blessed for the opportunity to open my heart and home to this sweet soul. Watching Emma she looks right into my eyes, stretches and comes to headbump me - her purr so strong and pure. "EmmaMammie" she tells me. "EmmaMammie" I put out into the Universe. She headbumps me again and wraps her tail around my wrist. "EmmaMammie" welcome home.

Thank you Fairy Godmother Natty and GodFather Eddy for this OMazing gift of life and putting our soul family back together again.

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