Saturday, June 11, 2011

EmmaMamie & our Family

Today I spent all day at the Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute. I left the house at 8:00 a.m. and returned after 7:00 p.m. This is the first time since EmmaMammie has joined our household that I have been apart from her for so long.

I came home tired and sore. Sitting and learning inside for 4-6 hour stretches creates a lot of stress on my joints. Sister Goddess Candis came over to give me a thai massage - yummy body love. As we settled into my yoga studio, ZekoMeow and GingerMama entered the room and joined us. Elly Belly was surveying us all from under the bed. This is usually the routine when healing chi takes place. All of our souls are together in the room - feeling and grounding the energy.

Tonight, I am extremely sensitive. Being around 59 creative souls has opened up energy channels and neural pathways that were long dormant. My fingers and toes tingle and Sister Goddess Candis cannot apply any pressure at all. She lays her fingers down and lets her heat seep into me. Rather than our usual stretches, we are rotating the joints - slow and easy.

To my surprise, EmmaMammie made an appearance. She purred her way over to the yoga mats - sashaying her way right past GingerMama without even a hiss or a nod to ZekoMeow and Elly Belly. As Candis massaged the crown of my head, EmmaMammie jumped over my throat. I felt her tail swishing as it touched my lips. I sensed my throat chakra activate. Just as Candis was moving her fingers down my scalp and onto my temples, EmmaMammie did it again. She jumped over my throat from the opposite direction - her tail swishing my heartspace.

She then settled on a Zabufon pillow and purred as she watched the gentle stretching and touching occur. My family sat there and held sacred space while I released the tension built up in my body. I let go of the emotions I picked up. I adjusted to the new level of sensitivity and allowed myself to go deep into my body.

Thank you EmmaMammie for joining our family tonight in ritual. Thank you for sharing your love with Sister Goddess Candis and holding sacred space for me to learn about my sensitivities and how the CHI flows within me.

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