Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pusi Pusi

which means Kiss Kiss in Romanian and is the name of the PussyCat above with whom I shared a bed. I spent a week in Romania with my Mom visiting my Mom's Mom - my Mamama. Decided to go back to the roots and uncover all of our mama dramas.

My grandma lives in Bucarest with her pussycat, Pusi. We spent two days walking around this city (a miniature Paris with its own Eiffel Tower) and eating - COVRIGI (homemade pretzels) and KLATITE (crepes) and DOVLECEI (light green zucchini).

Then we took a 3 1/2 hour train ride to Brasov, a little town in the midst of mountains. This is where my Mom spent her childhood - swimming and hiking and playing.

I found a boutique hotel about 6 miles out of town and into the mountains - Poaina Brasov (which is a ski resort). This place is called Chambers n Charms - it only has 9 rooms - of which 5 are suites. I rented a Moroccan themed room with a bathtub large enough for three. Upon entering our suite, you felt like you had left Romania and entered into another world. The decor was sublime - red walls and blue walls - and curtains to the ceiling and teapots and hookahs and candles and carpets. This suite was OMazing with a patio overlooking the mountains. Woohoo. And Mamama loved their all you can eat breakfast served every morning. A great Woohoo to Alexandru who met our every demand and made this a most magnificent stay.

We were met in town by friends of my parents (Doru and Michaela) who escorted us everywhere and then some. We even went to the town of Bran and saw the reputed castle of Count Dracului.

We met up with an Auntie I had never met yet - who prepared a 10 course meal (standard Romanian hospitality). I fell asleep in the third course - totally stuffed and catching up with my jetlag - ha ha ha.

We immersed ourselves in the wonderful mountain air and hiked (Mom and me) and ate farm fresh eggs and more COVRIGI and artisanal cheeses. We laughed and sang and shared stories.

It was OMazing reconnecting with the female members of my family - helped me recharge my batteries and get grounded. My next post will include more photos of this mother-daughter-grandmother excursion.

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DFBTW said...

Oh Goddess!! I enjoyed reading about your pilgrimage to visit your Mamama! And the picture so sweet of Pusi! It all sounds lovely and beautifull!! Thank you for sharing this!
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