Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ginger Mama's Cousins

We drove a Red Mustang.  It had a horse on the front window just above the rearview mirror.  Just as we were completing the final stretch into Boone, we got passed by a Ram. Tee hee!!!

I believe the Universe communicates with me in signs.    Animal signs are the best!!!  The Horse totem is about riding in new directions and discovering our freedom.   The Ram totem is a sign of CHANGE and new beginnings.  Both WSM Noah and I were a little nervous about hanging with Soul Mama for a weekend.  In the past, our relationship had been a little rocky .  She has a completely different way of looking at life, however when she gets real

Right between Boone and Blowing Rock, that is where Soul Mama resides - in a beautiful golf community at the edge of a mountain, we stopped and bought some flowers.  

And there is where I was reunited with two of my little Peeps, Charlie and Ellie Mae.  These are Soul Mama's babies.  Charlie first came to stay with us for two weeks in 2005.  We taught him how to swim and took him for long walks and brushed his hair and let him sleep on the bed with us and the Meows.  And he introduced us to our neighbors.  Walking with Charlie all sorts of people would come up and talk to us and get to know this cute face.

Ellie Mae joined the family a few years ago so Charlie would have someone else in the house his size and who spoke his language.  Although we have spent many cherished moments together *see Thanksgiving We haven't had the pleasure of private time with her yet but are looking forward to the privilege.

Being an early riser, I would get these Dog-God and Doggess-Goddess peeps to myself.  We would walk on the golf course and go through the early morning fog as we searched for good places to mark and pee.  We trotted down the hill and followed the beautifully manicured lawns as we walked for our morning meal.

I am looking forward to Ginger Mama meeting her cousins when they return to Florida, tee hee!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Las Montanas

What a fabulous weekend!!!

We finally arrived in Greensboro, North Carolina.  We picked up our car at the Hertz Counter where WSM Noah was told to "please remain calm" (reminded us of the scene from Anger Management).  Tee hee!!! We took a deep breath, let go of being tired and late and enjoyed the moment.  We were blessed with a Red Mustang with SIRIUS satellite radio.  We drove eight miles into town and to the  Proximity Hotel.  

I always book a special evening for us before engaging with family.  This place was AWEsome. A boutique hotel in every sense of the word - our King Loft Room was divine.  The bathtub was big, inviting and fabulous.  And the fantastic windows and the IPOD hookup into a stereo system so I could mellow out to my tunes.  And the big beautiful bed with yummy linens.  And flat screen TV. Tee hee!!!  WSM Noah and I were happy campers.

For those of you who don't know, I have no bathtub in my house.  One of the criteria for hotels and homes I visit is a bathtub.  It's important after an airplane ride to be able to detox and change my water.    This faucet let the water gush down like a waterfall into the tub and it had two mirror doors to look at or to open onto the rest of the room.  Tres cool!!!

We even left our room to check out the attached restaurant, PrintWorks Bistro, and am I glad we did.  We were the only ones in the dining room and we ate heirloom tomatoes garnished with basil, sea salt and a splash of EVO, and a bowl of roasted corn chowder and a fruit tart of local peaches and blueberries with a smashing design of raspberry coulis and vanilla bean sauce.  Yummy!!!

The next morning after bathing and donning bathrobes provided by the hotel, I checked my email and did some yoga and we packed and hit the road.  We stopped at Cafe Carolina to fill up our bellies with the most scrumptious confections.  They have a great bakery with all sorts of wraps and sandwiches and salads.  And the coolest and comfortable booth seating.

We filled up some gas, bought some water and hit the road.  2+ hours on the road, in the car, on our way to Soul Mama.

I had forgotten how important ROAD TRIPs are in a relationship.  I mean, two people, in a moving box traveling about the country.  I had forgotten how much Noah enjoys driving - and how much I enjoy driving through nature, albeit in a box called the car.

Road trips, for me, are about being in PROXIMITY - to another being, to other boxes traveling the road with you, to nature - the trees, the mountains, the clouds - the open expanse.  It's about communicating well.  When we roadtrip, WSM Noah is the pilot and I am the co-pilot.  I read the maps and guide the way, he drives the road.  It's a precise art we have mastered together to get us from Point A to Point B.

Once we are settled in for the drive, I started flipping through the Sirius Radio channels.  And this is when the fun began.  We found a '60s, '70s and an '80s channel with limited commercial interruptions.  Woo-hoo!!!  We sang and danced our way from Winston-Salem to Boone.

There is something about being in the mountains - the energy, the wisdom, the grounding.  The higher elevation and the air, the smell of pine trees and firs.    I am looking forward to a little hiking.  Very good.  Very good.  Yay!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Traveling Again

Traveling again - this time we are going to the mountains - time to get wisdom from the Elders.

GingerMama is adjusting quite well - no signs of separation anxiety - she KNOWS she is a welcome member of the family. Yesterday, in preparation for visits from her Auntie Goddesses - we removed the red cover off the couch and cleaned it. We cleaned her blanket too. And then GingerMama herself had a shower. And once I set her sacred space - toys and all, she grabbed her new bone and settled into her space.

I am going to visit my SoulMama Goddess today, Noah's mom somewhere between Boone and Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

Will share when I return....

Sunday Scribbling #125 - How I met MEself

The prompt today was how did you meet your significant other, your best friend, your dog, your nemesis?

I thought about it for a long time. And what came up for me is that I am my significant other, I am my BestFriend, I am my Doggess/Goddess mirror animal nature and my own NEMESIS (my own Greek Goddess of retributive justice - thank you Merriam Webster).

I met "me" not too long ago. I mean "me" was living within this body for a long time. However, "me" was always reacting to what others wanted and thought. "me" was living unconsciously, not fully awake, not choosing, not KNOWING. - just trying to get by, live and let live. Living for my parents, my husband, my country, society.... reacting, not creating.

And one day, "me" hit rock bottom. A very sad and deep place to which I thought there was no way out. Of course there always is. It's just hard to see it from the bottom and through the tears and doubts. "me" was not fulfilling her life's purpose. "me" was not happy, not having fun, not living, surviving but not thriving. So, I stopped. I took a look around at my life - the things that are within my power to change - I and me - and got serious about living.

Now "me" - is a little PEEP - the one who lives within and has been hidden away. "me" is a small and sensitive old soul in a small body. "Me" is the three or four year old within who decided what we needed to do in order to survive. From this decision, this belief about how the world is, most of my fears and self-limitations grow. "Me" is the inner child that psychologists keep talking about.

I met "Me"self in photos - pictures I had tucked away in a box - afraid to look again with that critical voice and recriminating memories of a childhood gone wrong. And funny, upon going back and re"ME"mbering my childhood, my perspective and attitude changed. I was grateful for all the events that had shaped I into being - including those that happened to "me". I was no longer Afraid of the past - it had already happened. I am here now. Me is here now too.

I met MEself in the process of discovering the Goddess - in books, in stories, in HER-stories - this sense of something missing, a yearning fulfilled, a piece of the puzzle found. Me was ready to come out and play, provided it was safe (and I had created a sacred and safe space for many years meow). Me longed for nurturing (I have learned to do that; find pleasure and share Joy in my pursuits of life and liberty). And it is mandatory to have DISCIPLINE (this tells the little PEEP that you are looking out for her and your combined interests). This one I am still learning, although the muscle I have built gets stronger and stronger.

Learning my PRIORITIES really helped in coaxing ME out. For it helped me realize what was truly important and what was just fluff. And from this space of knowing - my little PEEP comes out to play and INspire and offer her clear and innocent view of the world.

For you see, the Goddess within emerges when the inner child (the "me") meets and merges with the Feminine Energy, the
Adi Shakti.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Turtle Run

On Friday night of the last full moon, Noah and I went to the beach for a turtle run - or more accurately, a release of baby turtles back to the ocean. What a glorious evening.

We met with our turtle tribe - about 100 + people (and lots of little PEEPS) who found their way to the Hollywood Beach on Perry Street to commune with nature and see baby turtles and help guide them on their way. At least one set of twins, tee hee, and a gorgeous Goddess with an 11 day old baby GIRL (Goddess in Real Life) called Gabriella. And, of course, a little help from Mother Earth, a full moon rising out of the Ocean.

We met at 7:30 p.m. and saw a dramatic sunset. The tide was coming in. The turtles were revealed, most of them squirming and ready to go. The kids were so excited. So was I!!!

Turtles lay 100-200 eggs in nests dug in the sand. On our beaches, these areas are protected and residents are asked to keep their lights off at night so that when the babies hatch, they can find their way back to the sea. Usually, the hatchlings (baby turtles who have left their eggs) get out of the sand and head towards the sea. What I learned on Friday, is that in about 30 years, these female baby turtles will return to the beach from which they hatched, their sacred space, to nest and lay eggs and make babies.

I have always loved turtles. They seem to come to me at the most wonderful moments in my life, reminding me to take things slowly and live for the moment and ground myself in my GODDESS energy. I return to a post I wrote earlier. And confirm I am ready for the Faery world, right here, right Meow.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


One of the hardest parts of a relationship is COMMUNICATION.

Lately, Noah and I are learning how to communicate about PARENTING - the art of being response-able for another soul. Not that Ginger Mama needs PARENTING. However, in our household she is still considered a LITTLE PEEP - a soul that needs response-ability in order to survive & thrive in our home.

The communication with GingerMama is divine.  Having read and related to so many things in Cesar Millan's book, my Doggess/Goddess and I are vibing at a new level.   We have transcended, for the most part, verbal directions and prompts.  I am paying attention to her signals and what she needs.  Focusing on what I do want to happen and visualizing it and sending out the energy.  Power vs. Force.  And redirection. Clearly communicating what needs to happen instead of what I don't want.  GingerMama is responding to my calm assertive energy.   It takes a great deal of observation and patience.  However, the rewards of this connection are so AWEsome. 

We've managed to get bathing down to a science. Being that GingerMama's core temperature is so hot, she sweats a lot. And summer here in Florida is not always a treat - fleas, mosquitoes, little green things in the grass that attach to her fur. Once a week, GingerMama likes to be bathed, soaped up with coconut/neem shampoo and brushed down.

We walk four times a day - a major walk in the early morning - 4:44 a.m. - we are out doing "sadhana" with the stars. This is our longest walk of the day. In the stillness and quiet of the world, we explore and sniff together the wonderful scents of the grass, the trees and the streets.  And then we have two shorter walks during the hottest part of the days, some visiting with the neighbors, a little bit of hide and go seek running and plenty of naps.  Ginger Mama also likes to coach me when I swim.  She runs up and down the pool while I do laps, making sure she is at whatever end I am to give me kisses and encouragement.

Yesterday, Noah took over the bathing routine. I was inside swaying to music and washing dishes. And then he knocked on the door. And out of my soapy, yummy, smelly and wet experience I left and entered his world.  And GingerMama and him were not seeing eye to eye and there was some pulling and force applied. And I said something - an unsolicited comment, advice, tips, blah, blah, blah.  And Noah looked me in the eye and said: NO INTERFERENCE.

And he's right. 

I cannot tell him how to do things with GingerMama. She will tell him. He will learn to communicate energetically with him when he is ready and in his own way. In his own style. And yet, I find the comments are so fast on my lips and ready to escape.   So, I take a deep breath. And another one. And one more, for good luck. Tee hee!!!   

There is really NO THING that I need to say. I know he can do it. I know GingerMama will show him the way.  My job is to sit back and let HIM do it for himself, his way, in his own time, in his own manner.   NO INTERFERENCE.

I am so blessed to learn this lesson Meow.   This will be most helpful when we have BABIEs.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay

Sitting outside on my patio last night, I see the palm trees bending and dancing as the wind swishes through, rain lashing down through the screen and into the pool.  The breeze whips into all these directions and I know we are experiencing one of the outer bands.  As Fay approaches Florida, she brings layers of weather phenomenon - some quiet and hot and still (the calm before the storm), some violent and strong (pelting rain, blowing winds, dark skies). 
It makes me appreciate why I am here in Florida, the look of my trees and bushes - all green and lush, like a tropical rainforest.  The smell in the air is tantalizing and clean.  Off with the A/C; goodbye to the electricity - time to hang outside and see the miracles of the Great Goddess as she balances our ecosystem.  And the beauty, the gift, is that the WORLD as I know it - finally stops and heeds Mother Nature.  People stay home, stores are closed, schools are closed, everything gets simple again.  Not many things can do that like a storm from MAMA EARTH.

It's given me an opportunity to nap some more and be still (learning more Meow and Doggess- Goddess lingo) and READ.  I love to read.   I have a stack of books by my bedside, one on the dining room table, a stack in the Creative room and a full library in the Goddess Studio.  I have done much of my intellectual learning by reading.  It keeps me open to new ideas and others' life stories.

Yesterday, the three books of choice being digested were:  HERLAND, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman as recommended by Goddess Christina who I am totally missing laughing with at Tuesday's mornings Hollywood Laughter Yoga Circle.

This book was written in 1915 by a Goddess who was truly aHEAD of her time.  She writes a story of a country called HERLAND where only women reside that gets explored by three men.  The book is written from HIS perspective.  And what is so awesome, is that her astute observations and visions are so compelling and true NOW, even though it was written so long ago.  Reading this book made me feel hopeful and happy.
Describing herself as a humanist, Gilman wrote that: "it is only in social relations that we are be human women must share in the totality of humanity's common life.  Women, forced to lead restricted lives, retard all human progress.  Growth of organism, the individual or social body requires use of all of our powers in four areas:  physical, intellectual, spiritual and social."

BE THE PACK LEADER by Cesar Millan.
And interestingly enough, in this book, I had just read - the four things needed for healthy human balance are intellectual, emotional, spiritual and instinctual. This great book is all about communicating with a pack member through ENER-chi.  Kudos to WSM Cesar for thanking and acknwledging women in the first seven pages of this book.  And for his VIEW that women hold the KEY to helping put our world back into balance. 

Hmmm, I see so many connections. Tee hee!!! Let me dig further in these gardens and see what else crops us...

I am also really enjoying this book called Mama Gena's Marriage Manual.  Yummy!!!  This Goddess runs a School of Womany Arts in New York.  Any Goddesses ready to check it out with me, let me know.   She advocates building a village by creating and surrounding yourself with Sister Goddesses.   I'm in!!!  

I will share more as I absorb more.

Thank you Tropical Storm Fay for empowering and educating me while slowing me down to my instinctual ANIMAL nature.  Back to the hammock I go.  Tee hee!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quest for MommieHood

"They have so many children.  I am so out of that loop.  How is your quest for MommieHood?"  

Those were Goddess Lisa's chosen posted words - so innocent and seemingly peaceful - so much emotion and memories evoked and released and this time, I just let it go through me and breathed through it -  the turmoil is subsiding (there are still a last couple layers of sludge to release, a few last translucent layers of the onion to peel).  However, I am open to it all, now.  Especially now, as I prepare to flow and RE-lease my precious egg (the one necessary to open the doors to MommieHood).

I am at peace with where I am - not traveling on any loop that I am familiar with.  No three kids for me by the age of 40.  No LITTLE PEEPS of the human variety. Although, counting my blessings and completely grateful -  we have grown in LEAPS and BOUNDS.   Noah finally said YES to doggess-goddess energy.  That's taken YEARS.

I used to feel ENVI-ous (Jealousy's CUZ) of other women when they were pregnant with their bellies round and full.  I would feel hurt when friends would call and announce yet another one and then stopped seeing us because we were the odd ones out.  I used to cry when the Egg fell out and the lining released and I bled.  It didn't help that parents, family, friends and strangers reminded me that I was getting up in the years or the famous "NOW or NEVER" or that "biological clock" ticking.

Our society seems to look at women giving birth after 30 as anomalies.  I held those beliefs too, for a long time.  And the fears that I would not have the opportunity in this lifetime.  And I was angry and bitter.  And not in a good space.  And also, at the time, unhealthy and overweight and unhappy.

My love of my life and my partner for the last almost 12 years, Noah, told me, just have a little FAITH.  Now, Noah is a very good man.  He might be slow on delivery however if he says something is going to happen, it happens.  I mean, hello, this is the guy who built the Ark and brought the animals two by two.  Tee hee!!!

So, I took a deep look within to see what needed to shift.  My attitude for one.  My habits for another.  Bye bye killing myself with cigarettes or obliterating my brain cells with alcohol. Hello early morning walks and meditation and stretching and weights. A few massive thick layers removed.

Bye bye television set in the living room, television set in the bedroom.  Hello to learning about my energy and rooting myself in nature and connecting with trees.  Bye Bye chicken and fish and eggs and milk.  Hello yummy veggies and fruits and new recipes.  Bye bye to painful thoughts and low self esteem.  Hello to strong and sexy body and positive affirmations and being here in the Now.

The tears dried up and FAITH showed up.  I mean, I have always been a late bloomer.   And, double hello, in the Bible, Sarah has her first child at 90 years old.   And like I said, if Noah says it's going to happen, it's going to happen.  And then I found other Goddess sisters on the internet who were going through the same thing.  My favorite read is Goddess Boho Girl who shares her feelings and thoughts on this topic so exquisitely.

And it made me ponder.  Things that make you go hmmmm....  What if the Universe has something in store for me greater than I expected for myself?  Then I started paying attention - observing all around me - TWINS - everywhere we go.  We met 8 year old twin boys on our last cruise and 7 year old twin girls.  On the beach this weekend, twin girls.  Bought a new cooktop, our salesman is a twin - runs the shop with his twin brother.  It makes me laugh. A childhood book that left a deep impression on me was Jacob Two Two & The Hooded Fang. Operative words being TWO TWO.  Tee hee!!!

And what if I need to prepare myself double time? I mean I have been learning and studying and researching for an unconventional birth. No hospital and doctors for me. I'm giving birth in the water with Noah right there behind me to catch the baby, babies, tee hee!!!  I read Ina May's books about Spiritual Midwifery and Guide to Childbirth.  I will be giving birth while experiencing delicious orgasms.  And my trip to the Farm has finally been rescheduled so I can learn and feel the energy firsthand.  Yay!!!

And what about my FEARS - and I had a lot of those - I am a SENSITIVE - I am very sense-oriented - get overwhelmed when my senses are all stimulated - need quiet time/still time/Meow independent time to get myself together.  Sharing my body from the inside out- How does a woman like me give birth and not lose it???  or maybe I am meant to lose IT -  whatever IT means (hmmm.... big shift.... where once before that filled me with fear and trepidation, I am glad to say I am actually looking forward to this with anticipation and wonder).

Being that I never cared for school, I created BIRTH CAMP for myself - a fun way to learn all the components and facets of pregnancy and birth in preparation for the big moment and experience.  Now that the floodgates have been released, now that I BELIEVE,  my heart is open and I am ready to share more of this path I am taking.

I know that there is a greater plan in store for Noah and me. And the gifts - so many - my patience level has expanded, the communication and intimacy between Noah and me, the self-love for myself, the sacred space we are creating.  I am like a seed waiting to sprout, knowing that a little more rain and sunshine and time will allow me to stretch and reach out beyond the earth until I can feel the wind blow and see the moon glow.

P.S.  The work of art above was created by my very talented Goddess Sister Patricia J. Mosca  It sits on my desk and reMINDs me.  Thank you for your inspiration and commitment to creating and playing and sharing.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Doggess Goddess Language

meow meow

I've always been a Cat.   Physically in many other lifetimes although I still feel it in my bones and in my heart meow.  As such, it has always been easy for me to intuitively communicate with Meows.  Mine, those I meet on the street, those who cross my path...

Trying to learn how to communicate with GingerMama, my Doggess Goddess, I am trying too hard, not exhibiting patience, reading too many "experts" that do not resonate with my heart.   So, I stopped.  I took a deep breath.   GingerMama and I went outside to try something different.  I  sat at my creative table and made some space.   Tackled a pile of paper - things torn out from magazines, old cards, funky paper - sorting and clearing and cutting and filing.  And I relaxed and released the stress of learning a new process and not being kind and gentle with myself.

Ginger Mama was laying out under the table, sprawled out and sleeping peacefully. All of a sudden, she let out a yawn and gave a big stretch and I felt her toe pads touch mine.  Our feets were connected.  I had an A-HA moment.

My Goddess Auntie Catalina was the first to share with me how wonderful the scent of the paws and the toes of a doggess goddess can be.  And I truly get the scent thing.  Reverting back to my animal nature and connecting with GingerMama in an earth form.  

For me, however, it was the heat.  The heat emitting from her toes.  The transfer of heat from her toes to my toes and the wave of ener-CHI that transferred into me.    If I remember my high school Physics correctly -  heat transfer from GingerMama to Goddess changes the internal energy of both systems involved (possibly Law of Thermodyamics).   And it happened.   A warm, loving exchange of energy that had us both sighing and stretching and happy.

I have practiced this for years with my Meows - taking daily naps and quieting my mind and slowing my body down.  Body to body, connected by fur and skin, allowing the Ener-chi flow from Meow to me.  Letting the Meow heat and purr vibrate through my skin and into my bones and flow through my veins.  It makes for an awesome internal massage.

To show me that I am getting it and keep up the good work, the Universe sends me a sign.  Among the pile of dog training/language books I have, Cesar Millan (the Dog Whisperer)'s book, Be The Pack Leader, jumps off the shelf and lands open on Page 120 - "...learning how to communicate rules, boundaries and limitations through ENERGY.  There is no substitute for that energy and bond - no tool that money can buy - and almost no experience on earth can rival the kind of spiritual closeness that occurs when you and your dog are truly, naturally in sync."

By Goddess, I think I've got it!!!

- Edward Hoagland

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sunday Scribblings#124 - Observations

What is it that we observe?
Is it what we see with our eyes?

Is it what we hear with our ears?

Is it what we feel with our hearts?

Do we really see everything in front of us?
How much do we process and understand?

Do we focus on what has meaning for us?

Can we see and just be?

I do my best observations when I am in nature. No distractions of the world, I am one with the Earth and whatever appears before me. That is not the case today as it thunders and pours. And I attempt to respond to this prompt.

I am sitting in the living room, trying to write this piece - a candle is lit, meditative music by Snatam Kaur is playing, my husband is talking on the phone in another room, it is pit-pit-pattering on the roof while the wind is blowing through the trees as the rain smacks down on the ground. I attempt to quiet my mind and focus and write - my cat Zeko appears before me.

I take a deep breath and let go of any thoughts and OBSERVE - he enters the living room and gives a nice stretch, walks to the couch and jumps up to sit near me. He lays his little head on my lap and looks up. He twitches his ear and gives me a wink - slowly closing both eyes and reopening them again - I LOVE YOU in meow language.

Cat language is all about observation. It is a wordless communication that speaks volumes through body language. A yawn, a flick of the tail, an ear shooting up in the air, a purr - and if you are not paying attention and observing, you miss it. The opportunity to communicate with another soul, a different species, a little PEEP. It took me a few years of disengaging and BEING to get it. Lots of naps and stillness so the Meows are comfortable to communicate and share with me.

I am in the process of learning Dog Language - I was stuck on the fact that it was something new & I wasn’t getting it. I am reMEMBERing now that it is just a process of OBSERVATION. Time for me to sit still and notice what body language happens when. Time to be patient and LEARN through OBSERVATION. Time to listen with my heart and watch with my eyes until I understand what Ginger Mama is trying to say.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I had been concerned about Ginger Mama's behavior - separation anxiety, the books label it. She was running from window to window, slobbering and reaching up attempting to open doors, scratching with her nails which would leave marks in the wood. No, TRUTH, I wasn't really concerned about Ginger Mama. I was concerned about Noah.

Noah, my wonderful husband, is a complete VIRGO. Total order man - cannot appreciate chaos and how it leads to new order - and totally focused on the minutiae. Getting all bent out of shape when he saw slobber or wood splinters - failing to see that the rest of the house was in great condition, no cords chewed up, no furniture torn, no peepee or pooh in the house to contend with. 

His best solution was to contain Ginger Mama. He tried locking her up in the bathroom. She got out. He tied her leash to the toilet and then closed the door. She got out. He tied her up outside to a tree in the shade. She dug up the garden. He bought a big cage. She broke it. He got a gate and left her in the kitchen. She jumped onto the counter and met him at the door. 

And Noah got a little crazy - ranting that Ginger Mama was destroying his home and she needed to go.   Raising his voice in frustration that his universe was changing because of the BowWow.  Once Noah was calm, we sat down and I explained to him that adoption was for keeps.  There was no sending GingerMama back. Back where? We had made a commitment to this new soul to provide her with shelter and love. We weren't going back on our WORD because we were having ISSUES adjusting.

I had read in a book that I was spoiling GingerMama with too much attention and love and had created this situation of separation anxiety. My YogaMommy straightened me out and explained to me that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH LOVE. GingerMama was just adjusting to her new life. Every time we left she did not know if we would come back, if she was going back to the vet, the pound, or whatever HELL she had left behind.

And it all came together for me.  I told Noah that we had a highly intelligent dog who was just getting used to her new life.  We would need to have patience and LOVE and treat her like we did our Meows.   Noah thought about this and looked into GingerMama's eyes. The war was over.  We stopped locking her up. We spoke to her gently before leaving - telling her where we were going, when we were coming back. We left her on the red couch with a big bone to chew on. 

Now, GingerMama is calmer. She knows we are coming home. She still exhibits pent up energy when she sees us but she is no longer creating havoc in the house.  And Noah has found more peace. No longer threatening to send her away or accusing her of hurting our home. He's even agreed that the red couch is all hers and that we need her permission to share her sacred space. Tee hee!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Re-TREAT with Goddess Leslie


We gave ourselves permission.  We took the time to nurture our Inner Children.  We planned a 48 hour reTREAT.  We wrote down a list of things we wanted to accomplish, PLAY, do.  We put in some exercise, yummy food, and of course ART time.  No husbands, no response-abilities.  Just our list, ourselves and doggess-goddess Mandy.

Goddess Leslie picked me up from Laughter Yoga at the Senior Center on Tuesday and we headed for the BEACH.  We dipped and swam and detoxed from the top of our heads down to our feet.  And then we sat on the steps of a walkway and dried off.  We talked and then were silent.  Such a comfortable space to be together.

Goddess Leslie's husband is out of town - we have the house to ourselves - we opened up windows and turned the Air Conditioning off.    We prepped our space with candles & music. We made some Hibiscus Iced Tea a/k/a Karkade.  

We nurtured our bodies with some yummy food.  Using a base of lettuce, red cabbage and carrots, we added apples, lentil beans, cranberries and some walnuts for a delicious salad.  We also pulled out some recipe books and attempted some menu planning.    Another thing completed off our list.

We cleaned up.   And then we entered the garage - Goddess Leslie's ART Studio Extraordinaire. We pulled out paints and brushes.  And put on some smocks.  And then Goddess Leslie presented me with a full sheet of paper.

A little daunting and ominous.  I was up for the challenge.  This was the reason for our Re-TREAT in the first place.  BIG ART!!!  I started to paint - no thinking, just feeling  - colors and shapes and happy!!!  The painting below took me two days to complete.  It made my heart sing. It felt good looking at it and painting it.  No rules, no format - just pick a color and paint.  I even stayed up until 11:00 p.m. (way past my bedtime) to add detail and color and expression.

Completely euphoric from the creation that was occurring, we took out the bicycles at 11:00 p.m. and under a nearly full moon rode around with Doggess-Goddess Mandy in a backpack. With the beautiful evening breeze and the slight sensation of doing something "against the rules" we returned home full of energy.  Before retiring for the morning (12:35 a.m.) we decided what our priorities were for the next day and went to sleep.

The next morning, I sat on the patio and did a yoga routine and was rewarded by the pretty duck that came out to encourage and inspire me.  Goddess Leslie woke up and we took another bike ride right to the swimming pool for a morning swim.  When we returned, we made some yummy fruit shakes with berries and peanut butter and almond milk.  And then right into the Art studio we reTREATED.

This time our music selection had no words  - we chose classical music.  For me, I found that this helped me focus and really connect to that Source from above which flowed through me to the paper.

We set the table for lunch and were joined by Goddess Lisa for a most delicious lunch of another salad creation (this time, we added garbonzo beans and strawberries and pine nuts to our base) and leftover pasta from dinner which we converted into a pasta salad.

Goddess Lisa went to paint while Goddess Leslie and I went upstairs to the bedroom to tackle her closet.  Armed with my computer and list of things to be completed, she tried on clothes and cleaned out her closet while I went through the list and contacted, send emails and tied up a whole bunch of loose ends that were overwhelming Goddess Leslie.  And we got the closet tidied up and a huge pile of clothes ready for GoodWill.

What was truly amazing was the ease and peace between us - women being together, working and producing and sharing and collaborating  - no stress, no pressure, no RESISTANCE - just a spirit of cooperation and understanding that we were moving forward and making things happen.

And though we did not go anywhere, creating space for us to play and disconnect from the Outer World helped us completely replenish.  Spending time together, as women, friends and sisters and doing things that nourished our soul as well as our bodies, even for this brief period of time, was so lovely and beneficial. 

We were flowing so well, I wasn't ready to go home and Goddess Leslie wanted me to stay.  You know what happens when two powerful women put their heads together.  All sorts of havoc is created.

With these two little thoughts put out to the Universe,  the weather turned ferocious.  Massive thunderstorms and a heavy downpour.  Goddess Leslie's husband's flight was delayed.  Her car broke down.  And our play time was extended for another hour.  It gave us time to get an hour of Scrabble played.  And one last thing off our list.  Tee hee!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Songs that touch my soul

These songs had a profound impact on me growing up.   

I would wait for these songs to play on the radio so I could record them.  I would have my tape recorder waiting - pushing on the play and record button at the same time, praying that the DJ would not talk over the start of the song.  And then, I would play them over and over again, trying to get all the lyrics down on paper.  My poor parents.  I must have driven them crazy, listening to the same songs over and over again.  Tee hee!!!

Now, this is not an all encompassing list.  However, these songs are from my childhood.  And I still enjoy them to this day.

Hope you enjoy this blast from the past!

ABBA - I have a Dream

BONEY M - By the River of Babylon

BILLY JOEL - Honesty

Born to Be Alive - Patrick Hernandez

FunkyTown - Pseudo Echo

Hold on Tight - Electric Light Orchestra

Monday, August 11, 2008

Movies with Moxy

According to the Urban Dictionary, MOXY means a great amount of courage to do what you want to do. 

I watched
Monty Python's Meaning of Life in my 20's and 30's.  I loved the songs, the tongue-in-cheek humor and the whole experience of laughing and making light of our HIS-story and reasons for being here on earth.  I share with you a wonderful visual adaptation of the Galaxy Song:

Another movie with moxy is Wedding Crashers.  I resisted seeing it because I thought it would be too silly for me.  However, the dialogue, the character treatment, the raw honesty, the outrageousness, the dysfunctionality.  I loved this movie from start to finish.  It made me laugh!!!  and think and laugh!!! and cry.  If you can handle the profanity and crudity, this is a great chick flick.

And my all time favorite is GREASE -
 " is the word, is the word, that they heard.  It has groove.   It has meaning."  

This 1978 movie was an amazing phenomenon - a musical with great songs and happy boy meets girl story.  This is a fun movie that encourages singing and dancing.  This is a movie that has transcended its time - as popular today as it was then.

Back then, I knew every song by heart and could do all the dance moves.  I still know all the songs by heart.   Tee hee!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

T-Shirts and Bumper Stickers - #2

I wrote a previous post about how I get some of my favorite mantras and life lessons from bumper stickers and T-Shirts.  Here are some new ones that inspire me in 2008:

Girl, Woman, Princess, Queen, Goddess - Give Yourself A Promotion 
(Click on the T-Shirt to check out Conscious Creation's lovely & yummy T-Shirts)

Bought this lovely sticker last time I was in Nashville, TN with Goddess Bliss.  She took me to a lovely new age metaphysical store called Magical Journey where I satiated my love for cool bumper stickers and sayings.
Plant Seeds, Sing Songs 2 Sticker (Oval)

And this one sits by my bedside, first thing I see in the morning and last thing I see before I lay my head to sleep - it reminds me of my intention for my life.  

At the bottom of this sticker (the small print) it lists another really cool metaphysical store, Azure Green, a gateway of fairy magic, with an awesome online presence and shopping mecca.

And this T-Shirt that touched my heart.  I  spotted it on Hollywood Beach this weekend.   I found it online at Northern Sun which has a huge array of great t-shirts, bumper stickers and other wonderful yummies.  Their logo is Product for Progressives since 1979.

God/Goddess bless the whole world.  No exceptions.   Peace!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sunday Scribbling #123 - ASK

I used to ASK why all the time.  Why is the sky blue?  Why are the clouds white? Why this and not that?  Why do I have to do that?  (My husband says it's because I am so curious.  Granted my middle name starts with a "Y".  Tee hee!!!)  And then over the years when things happened that I could not comprehend, my question became:  Why me?  OR Why is this happening to me?   

Now, having studied this BE-have-ior, I see that this pattern was imprinted.   This is my Mom's favorite question, my Grandpa's and who knows how many generations back it goes.

What I have found to be true, is asking the WHY question keeps me stuck.  It keeps me in denial of what is occurring looking for an explanation instead of accepting what is and finding a way to move forward or INward.

I heave learned to reframe and ask another question which helps me cope and understand better - WHAT - What is there here for me to learn?  What is the gift of this moment?  What can I do next?  What do I know to be true?  So many powerful and EMpowering questions.

The What question lets me investigate and explore.  It allows the moment to reveal the truth - perhaps not like I expected it but rather in all its fullness and beauty.  And how it fits into the big picture of life.  Or as I once read, reMINDing myself that I am in Chapter TWO of my life and that the whole story may not be revealed until Chapter SEVEN.

And just like a favorite book, the What question keeps me anticipating with joy all the wonderful things I will discover on my journey.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ginger Mama

Ginger Mama has come into our home and taken over our hearts.

Unfortunately, her heart is not healthy at this moment.  She had a peculiar cough and our vet took some blood and diagnosed her with heartworm.  Heartworm is a parasitic thread-like worm which resides in her heart.   The blessing is that this is how she ended up being rescued and here with us.  And for this gift, I am truly grateful.

Yesterday, our homeopathic veterinarian who does housecalls (and the Meows love him so), Dr. Darko Mladenovic came over to give Ginger an injection of an arsenic based compound.  Ginger was so sweet, taking the shot in her back like a champ.  And it didn't seem to affect her immediately except for the sting she felt at the point of injection.

About an hour after the shot, she was a little restless.  And then she started a little moaning. And panting.  And the air-conditioned house seemed too cold for her.   

She sought shelter outside on the patio.  She sought shelter in the bedroom, in my yoga sanctuary.  She started to shiver.  Whole body spasms as the poison ran its course in her bloodstream.  I sat on the sheepskin and held her head in my lap.  I caressed her face and floppy ears.  She panted - feeling so hot.  And yet, shaking uncontrollably.  She shifted, trying to get comfortable, trying to escape the spasms.    I took her in my arms and put her near my heart and sang to her words of love and healing.  I felt so helpless, not able to do anything to ease her pain or diminish her anguish.  I just held her close.

I have never witnessed anything like this myself before.  I've seen something similar in a movie -  The Bucket List, when Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson go through their chemotherapy treatments and afterwards they throw up and have the shivers and shakes and the sweats as their bodies process the poison.  A big pink bubble of love and healing vibes to envelop all those undergoing any sort of treatment for which poison is the remedy.

It was a long sleepless night as Ginger and I moved from one room to another, looking for peace and comfort and relief. 

Today, she is a little weak and exhausted.  No appetite, no thirst.  Barely a tail wag from this happy dog. She has managed to get up off the couch for a mini walk (three houses down for a pee and poop).  She tells me she'll try again tomorrow.

I hold her head and stroke her and tell her to take her time.  I will be here tomorrow and the next day and the next day and  the next day....

Please hold Ginger Mama in your hearts and send your healing wishes in the winds.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Great Auntie Sylvia's Birthday

Today, my Great Auntie Sylvia is turning 91. We are going to Cafe Seville this afternoon (early bird, you know) for a little celebration.

A year ago, on August 5, 2008, we were truly blessed to have the opportunity to throw a little birthday bash to honor her special day. Members of the family that could not attend sent in video and audio clips and helped make this a most memorable occasion for the Matriarch of our Family.

I had such a blast learning my way around a Mac computer and this was my first movie. I hope to create many more movies as we (Goddesses and Sisters and the Collective) start putting our HER-STORY out for the world to see. Perhaps a preview of Goddess TV. Tee hee!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Change is Good

In December of 2007, WSM Noah and I were in-spired to clean house. We started in the kitchen, my favorite arena to create and play.

We were cleaning and scrubbing and emptying cabinets and sifting through our collection of hurricane nonperishables and purging what was no longer needed. Everything in the cabinets had been emptied - cans and dishes were sitting on the counters.  All of a sudden, it made sense - we need to move things around.

When we first moved in, we emptied boxes and filled cabinets in a perfunctory way of getting things out of boxes and moving forward and dealing with the overwhelming process of moving into a house. Our pantry items went by the fridge and near the oven. Our dishes and glasses were kept by the sink and stovetop, on the opposite side of the room. We didn’t give it much thought. It seemed to work for us for a long time.

Come to think of it, it had always been irksome to pull out dishes right above our creative “working” space. And to reach across the kitchen for ingredients and spices instead of right nearby the cooking area. What were we thinking? The old adage of: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind. I had never really viewed my kitchen as sacred creative space before. It was a place to prepare and store food.

Over the years, thank Goddess, this perspective shifted. As I became more familiar with my body and its need for healthy and wholesome nutrients, I began to experiment in my kitchen space. I created delicious dishes based on pictures in books and recipes that I added to or substituted ingredients.

As the cupboards lay bare and clean and all this space was created, something clicked. A need, to make things easier and more in harmony, germinated and was fulfilled. 

We rearranged and moved the dishes to the other side of the room, away from the sink and “creation” space and brought back the spices and oils and yummy goodies that grace our pantry.   We placed dishes and glasses away from the stove and sink - on the opposite side of the room where anyone could have access without disturbing the chef.  
All of a sudden, everything fit. Everything was in its right space - making it ergonomically easier and user friendly. The kitchen just seemed to be fun again.

It is amazing how a little change can create such a shift in energy. The Chinese call this practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment: Feng Shui.

We now have a new space to play and are looking forward to cooking again in our kitchen.

Oh, the simple pleasures of life!!!