Friday, August 22, 2008

Turtle Run

On Friday night of the last full moon, Noah and I went to the beach for a turtle run - or more accurately, a release of baby turtles back to the ocean. What a glorious evening.

We met with our turtle tribe - about 100 + people (and lots of little PEEPS) who found their way to the Hollywood Beach on Perry Street to commune with nature and see baby turtles and help guide them on their way. At least one set of twins, tee hee, and a gorgeous Goddess with an 11 day old baby GIRL (Goddess in Real Life) called Gabriella. And, of course, a little help from Mother Earth, a full moon rising out of the Ocean.

We met at 7:30 p.m. and saw a dramatic sunset. The tide was coming in. The turtles were revealed, most of them squirming and ready to go. The kids were so excited. So was I!!!

Turtles lay 100-200 eggs in nests dug in the sand. On our beaches, these areas are protected and residents are asked to keep their lights off at night so that when the babies hatch, they can find their way back to the sea. Usually, the hatchlings (baby turtles who have left their eggs) get out of the sand and head towards the sea. What I learned on Friday, is that in about 30 years, these female baby turtles will return to the beach from which they hatched, their sacred space, to nest and lay eggs and make babies.

I have always loved turtles. They seem to come to me at the most wonderful moments in my life, reminding me to take things slowly and live for the moment and ground myself in my GODDESS energy. I return to a post I wrote earlier. And confirm I am ready for the Faery world, right here, right Meow.

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Brenda said...

This is beautiful....................
Turtle-ini says to wish all of his relatives "ALOHA".....
Goddess Bliss