Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Great Auntie Sylvia's Birthday

Today, my Great Auntie Sylvia is turning 91. We are going to Cafe Seville this afternoon (early bird, you know) for a little celebration.

A year ago, on August 5, 2008, we were truly blessed to have the opportunity to throw a little birthday bash to honor her special day. Members of the family that could not attend sent in video and audio clips and helped make this a most memorable occasion for the Matriarch of our Family.

I had such a blast learning my way around a Mac computer and this was my first movie. I hope to create many more movies as we (Goddesses and Sisters and the Collective) start putting our HER-STORY out for the world to see. Perhaps a preview of Goddess TV. Tee hee!!!


pattie said...

Happy Birthday to Aunt Sylvia!!
You are blessed to have the wisdom of age still available to you to tap into...What a marvelous celebration!!

Brenda said...

Goddess--Please wish Auntie Sylvia the Happiest of Birth-days and a most wonderous year filled with great health and Fun !!!
Goddess Bliss