Friday, August 15, 2008

Sunday Scribblings#124 - Observations

What is it that we observe?
Is it what we see with our eyes?

Is it what we hear with our ears?

Is it what we feel with our hearts?

Do we really see everything in front of us?
How much do we process and understand?

Do we focus on what has meaning for us?

Can we see and just be?

I do my best observations when I am in nature. No distractions of the world, I am one with the Earth and whatever appears before me. That is not the case today as it thunders and pours. And I attempt to respond to this prompt.

I am sitting in the living room, trying to write this piece - a candle is lit, meditative music by Snatam Kaur is playing, my husband is talking on the phone in another room, it is pit-pit-pattering on the roof while the wind is blowing through the trees as the rain smacks down on the ground. I attempt to quiet my mind and focus and write - my cat Zeko appears before me.

I take a deep breath and let go of any thoughts and OBSERVE - he enters the living room and gives a nice stretch, walks to the couch and jumps up to sit near me. He lays his little head on my lap and looks up. He twitches his ear and gives me a wink - slowly closing both eyes and reopening them again - I LOVE YOU in meow language.

Cat language is all about observation. It is a wordless communication that speaks volumes through body language. A yawn, a flick of the tail, an ear shooting up in the air, a purr - and if you are not paying attention and observing, you miss it. The opportunity to communicate with another soul, a different species, a little PEEP. It took me a few years of disengaging and BEING to get it. Lots of naps and stillness so the Meows are comfortable to communicate and share with me.

I am in the process of learning Dog Language - I was stuck on the fact that it was something new & I wasn’t getting it. I am reMEMBERing now that it is just a process of OBSERVATION. Time for me to sit still and notice what body language happens when. Time to be patient and LEARN through OBSERVATION. Time to listen with my heart and watch with my eyes until I understand what Ginger Mama is trying to say.


mspennylane said...

I like your post about observations - if only we could observe other humans the way we do animals!

I especially like the line of your poem 'Do we really see everything in front of us?' because I really don't think we do.

Greyscale Territory said...

What a delightful reflection! The little homely moments matter so much! A feast for the spirit!

Amarettogirl said...

I LOVE your observation post - I am an avid animal lover and creative soul and I don't believe that we ever really observe animals/pets the way we should or human for that matter. I see these moments as blessings and spiritual transfers - good for you!!!

danni said...

a dynamite graphic, goddess --- and a very real example of how much we can learn using our powers of observation - my favourite is people watching, movies that are strong on character development and the psychology of the character - very nice post!!!

linda may said...

What a lovely observation. Making the everyday things seem so gentle and comforting. What a pretty kitty too.

Patois said...

Love your foray into just observing, cat- and dog-like. My dog watches my every move, and I love to try doing the same.

gautami tripathy said...

What great observations..

Has anything changed?

Beth said...

I like how your post shows the power of observation and meditation, letting go of the rush of the mind and just "seeing" what is, open to the language of those around us. And the photo of your kitty has such calm, wise eyes. Bravo!