Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ginger Mama's Cousins

We drove a Red Mustang.  It had a horse on the front window just above the rearview mirror.  Just as we were completing the final stretch into Boone, we got passed by a Ram. Tee hee!!!

I believe the Universe communicates with me in signs.    Animal signs are the best!!!  The Horse totem is about riding in new directions and discovering our freedom.   The Ram totem is a sign of CHANGE and new beginnings.  Both WSM Noah and I were a little nervous about hanging with Soul Mama for a weekend.  In the past, our relationship had been a little rocky .  She has a completely different way of looking at life, however when she gets real

Right between Boone and Blowing Rock, that is where Soul Mama resides - in a beautiful golf community at the edge of a mountain, we stopped and bought some flowers.  

And there is where I was reunited with two of my little Peeps, Charlie and Ellie Mae.  These are Soul Mama's babies.  Charlie first came to stay with us for two weeks in 2005.  We taught him how to swim and took him for long walks and brushed his hair and let him sleep on the bed with us and the Meows.  And he introduced us to our neighbors.  Walking with Charlie all sorts of people would come up and talk to us and get to know this cute face.

Ellie Mae joined the family a few years ago so Charlie would have someone else in the house his size and who spoke his language.  Although we have spent many cherished moments together *see Thanksgiving We haven't had the pleasure of private time with her yet but are looking forward to the privilege.

Being an early riser, I would get these Dog-God and Doggess-Goddess peeps to myself.  We would walk on the golf course and go through the early morning fog as we searched for good places to mark and pee.  We trotted down the hill and followed the beautifully manicured lawns as we walked for our morning meal.

I am looking forward to Ginger Mama meeting her cousins when they return to Florida, tee hee!!!

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