Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ginger Mama

Ginger Mama has come into our home and taken over our hearts.

Unfortunately, her heart is not healthy at this moment.  She had a peculiar cough and our vet took some blood and diagnosed her with heartworm.  Heartworm is a parasitic thread-like worm which resides in her heart.   The blessing is that this is how she ended up being rescued and here with us.  And for this gift, I am truly grateful.

Yesterday, our homeopathic veterinarian who does housecalls (and the Meows love him so), Dr. Darko Mladenovic came over to give Ginger an injection of an arsenic based compound.  Ginger was so sweet, taking the shot in her back like a champ.  And it didn't seem to affect her immediately except for the sting she felt at the point of injection.

About an hour after the shot, she was a little restless.  And then she started a little moaning. And panting.  And the air-conditioned house seemed too cold for her.   

She sought shelter outside on the patio.  She sought shelter in the bedroom, in my yoga sanctuary.  She started to shiver.  Whole body spasms as the poison ran its course in her bloodstream.  I sat on the sheepskin and held her head in my lap.  I caressed her face and floppy ears.  She panted - feeling so hot.  And yet, shaking uncontrollably.  She shifted, trying to get comfortable, trying to escape the spasms.    I took her in my arms and put her near my heart and sang to her words of love and healing.  I felt so helpless, not able to do anything to ease her pain or diminish her anguish.  I just held her close.

I have never witnessed anything like this myself before.  I've seen something similar in a movie -  The Bucket List, when Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson go through their chemotherapy treatments and afterwards they throw up and have the shivers and shakes and the sweats as their bodies process the poison.  A big pink bubble of love and healing vibes to envelop all those undergoing any sort of treatment for which poison is the remedy.

It was a long sleepless night as Ginger and I moved from one room to another, looking for peace and comfort and relief. 

Today, she is a little weak and exhausted.  No appetite, no thirst.  Barely a tail wag from this happy dog. She has managed to get up off the couch for a mini walk (three houses down for a pee and poop).  She tells me she'll try again tomorrow.

I hold her head and stroke her and tell her to take her time.  I will be here tomorrow and the next day and the next day and  the next day....

Please hold Ginger Mama in your hearts and send your healing wishes in the winds.


Brenda said...

Ginger Mama is so lucky to have you in her life--to love on her and make her as comfy as possible while going through this ...I know that you will give her all you've got Goddess. Love and light to you all...
Goddess Bliss, Otis,Puppy, Gracie and Lacie

daisychainsnlaughs said...

How is Ginger Mama now?

daisychainsnlaughs said...

i am daisychainsnlaughs