Sunday, March 6, 2011

Deja vu - Signs from Above

I asked the guy at the front desk if there used to be a French restaurant a few doors down. he told me yes, almost 10 years ago. wow! this is the same hotel I stayed with Auntie Maggie. Discovering that I am in the same space, all these years later, is a little bit like being in the twilight zone. Especially since Auntie Maggie passed away two weeks ago. I mean, what are the odds? Of all the hotels in New York? Ha ha ha.

the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Auntie Maggie was the first female in our family - and one of our matriarchs - to whom I opened up to about the Goddess. She read Empowering Women by Louise Hay because I asked her to so we could talk about it. she could totally relate and laugh with me regarding my experiences here. It's almost like having her here in spirit. My guardian angel. Watching over me in NYC.

I asked for a sign. I was guided to Osho's web site and found these words:

"There must have been something left undone, because it seems life is taking you back to a point that is hauntingly familiar. It’s only happening because your mind couldn’t conceive of the depth available, and you moved on too fast. Life won’t be side-tracked. Go deep. Dig a little more, go to the very end of it: you will always find purer gold, the deeper you go into yourself.”

Osho, The Beloved, Vol. 1, Talk #10

Ha ha ha. I am digging real deep Auntie Maggie. thanks for being part of my journey - even from beyond. Thank you for always empowering me to be in my feminine essence and follow my dreams. I love you, all ways.

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