Friday, March 4, 2011

New York, new York

Signed up for Mama Gena's Mastery class.
Got on an airplane today and headed for the Big Apple for my first weekend of Sister Goddesses and learning the art of pleasure. A little nervous about being in the city by myself. However, my curiosity took over and I started walking and exploring this OMazing city.

I have a nice room at The Shoreham, 55th and 5th Avenue - seven blocks from Central Park. I desired to go to MOMA. Walking back to my hotel, I got lost and ended up in front of MOMA. I entered and they were giving free passes to the museum. Woohoo!

saw some fabulous art - six floors full - had a great walk - found some healthy food at The Pump (baked falafel on a bed of greens with some cucumber and carrots and a green drink for my morning breakfast).

Not having a bath at home and the jacuzzi being repumped - I am so very excited when i have a bathtub - i stopped at a pharmacy and bought bubble bath. I luxuriated in the hot water fragranced with jasmine and mint. And then i sat in the IJoy massage chair provided in the rooms and let it do its thing on my back, shoulders and neck.

So stoked about tomorrow and meeting other trendsetting women who call themselves Sister Goddesses.
very good, very good, yay!

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