Saturday, March 5, 2011

school of womanly arts

What an OMazing feeling - being in a room with 200+ Sister Goddesses - hailing from 33 states and 8 countries - all hear to remember about the sacred feminine art of pleasure. the air is palpable with excitement and anticipation. and then Mama Gena makes her grand entrance. It's electrifying.

She's even more OMazing in person than as the voice of our Pink Bible, School of Womanly Arts - which is page by page a manual on how to live life fully in our feminine essence. mama Gena is a pleasure expert, having made it her life lesson to research pleasure and reMIND her Sister Goddesses of the same.

Today, we learnt how to brag- how to share our accomplishments and focus with gratitude on the good in our life. We took dance breaks to connect our minds with our bodies and let the information sink in. we laughed, we cried, we shared stories and grew closer, as a group and as women.

10 of us had lunch together at Phillippe Chow (veggie lettuce wraps) as we exchanged names and where we were from and discovered synchronicities.

after class, I went back to Central Park to smell the trees and see some grass. I miss my abundant tree filled front lawn. so blessed to connect with even a little bit of nature in this big city.

Going back to the hotel, I had the sense of Deja vu. passing by Henri bendel's and arriving at my hotel from another direction, I realize I have been here before - many years ago, with my great Auntie Maggie. She would be so proud of me now.

We start the adventure again tomorrow.

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knittgoddess said...

YOU GO GODDESS GODDESS.....So happy for your sharing...I LOVE it...I feel your energy...light...spark see your smiling, laughing FACE..I soooo do love YOU