Monday, November 19, 2007

Seeds sprouting

Two and a half years ago, I followed my intuition and went to Austin, Texas to attend a chanting workshop with Deva Premal and Miten. I met a whole bunch of new friends, all powerful singers and healers. After the workshop, I kept in touch with as many participants who were willing. We kept up email correspondence and got to know each other slowly through the things we chose to share. Recently, one of these seeds sprouted.

On Thursday, WSM Rodney arrived from Dallas. We went and had dinner and he met WSM Noah and then we had the opportunity to laugh together at my weekly Laughter Yoga circle . He came to attend a Deva Premal/Miten concert that was held in Miami on Friday.

WSM Noah and I were so blessed to be his guests for this concert. And what an evening it was. We flowed through traffic on our way to downtown Miami and then found a wonderful parking spot right outside the Unity Church. WSM Rodney went to WillCall to pick up the tickets and found out that we had been invited to sit in the first four rows.

We sat amongst a group of people from Bimini who spend their days playing and learning from the dolphins. Their energy was so peaceful and happy and tanned. And then, Deva and Miten and Manose appeared on the stage. I was so close, I could see her close her eyes and allow spirit to fill her before she opened her mouth and released her beautiful and powerful voice. She also sings and performs with her eyes closed.

We were in a large room filled to capacity (800 people). I was seated between WSM Noah and WSM Rodney and they were both chanting. Powerful men expressing their softer side.

When we were led into "There is so Much Magnificence" and Miten (pronounced Me-Ten) asked the men to sing for the Goddesses in the room and for the Goddesses within, it was magical. The mens' voices rose in one accord . And then Deva led the women in a Hallelujah as the men kept on singing their lyrics. It's so hard to explain. I include this clip so you can get a glimpse of what this was all about:

We sang and chanted, almost in kirtan style (call and response) and we co-labor-rated to create a sweet and poweful harmony. And we ended in shared silence.

And at the end of the evening when we OM'd three times, 800+ voices vibrating together created a resonance and heat and peaceful energy that left me floating for three days.

Thank you WSM Rodney.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

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