Tuesday, November 13, 2007


A few days ago, sweet blessings brought me to an online chat with Goddess Smartgirl - a veritable Meeting of Minds (MOM). Thank you Goddess SmartGirl for inspiring this post.

MOMs are awesome because of the synergy created when two or more people share the intention to communicate and be present. It is so awesome what comes up and what gems of wisdom are shared.

For me, this MOM helped me realize my PRIORITY when setting BOUNDARIES. I know, big words. Time to define and create meaning

PRIORITY - facts/conditions that are treated as most important

BOUNDARY - a dividing line that marks off an area

Okay, so there are certain conditions that are important that mark off the area of my "personal space" - the area surrounding me which is considered my domain/territory.

What came up for me was MAINTENANC

MAINTENANCE - process of keeping something in good condition - for years, I would equate maintenance with getting an oil change in my car.

It took time to apply this word to my body. What does it mean - maintenance - in my life? It used to be 3 square meals a day, roof over my head, clothes on my body, couch under my butt and TV to get lost in for hours after a stress filled work day. That was in SURVIVAL mode.

After leaving my job and getting rid of the TV and learning that I need 5 mini-meals/snacks a day rather than 3 squares and lots of exercise to keep my heart happy an
d my cells rejuvenated - I have redefined what MAINTENANCE of body means to me.

1. STRETCHING - do you know how complex the human body is? I went to see BODIES. What an amazing educational experience about the sacred vessel my soul resides in. By stretching, I give my joints and cells a chance to receive oxygen and flush out whatever toxins are stuck, static or stale. YOGA which is the connection between breath and body has been a wonderful addition to my maintenance program in helping me stretch and grow.

2. WALKING - Maintenance of my body requires at least 1/2 hour of revving my motor up. I create this opportunity for myself by walking every day. It helps m
e get my body temperature up and brings good clean oxygen in and I get to check out my neighborhood and talk to the birds and trees. I get up early so I can commune with the stars and stay away from the cars.

3. DANCING - I spend another 1/2 hour for body maintenance by DANCING - putting on a good beat and letting my body pick up the rhythm and the rhyme.

4. LAUGHING - Maintenance of my body requires me to LAUGH. Deep and from my belly and releasing all the muscles in my face and jaw as I allow my heart to tell my body to smile. And it feels so good. I get flushed and oxygen rushes in and the feel good chemicals my body produces course through my cells. At least five times a day, I LOL!!!

5. EATING - Maintenance of my body requires me to
nurture my cells with food that is full of life and energy - once a week, we go to Josh's Organic Garden on Hollywood Beach and fill our box with greens (chard, lettuce, spinach and zucchini) and reds (beets, tomatoes and apples), yellows (bananas, lemons) and oranges (sweet potatoes, peppers, papaya).

6. NATURE - Maintenance of my body requires me to BE outdoors - BE in NATURE - watch the clouds go by and marvel at the cosmic patterns as I relax my mind and connect to the natural world. Listen to the birds, smell the flowers, hug a tree, dance with the butterflies. So many possibilities.

7. PLAY - Maintenance of my body requires me to CREATE each and every day. I find that I create best when I have an atmosphere where I can play. My mind rests and I connect to the Divine within and co-LABOR-rate to manifest a vision, a feeling, a vibe. This was my latest creation:

8. SLEEP - Maintenance of my body requires me to sleep early and get 6 hours of snuggles with my pillow. I am noticing that when the sun goes down to bed, I too am ready to call it a day. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise said Benjamin Franklin. It definitely seems to work for a Goddess too.

9. CHOICES - I choose what goes in my body. What I see, what I hear, what I read, where I am. I choose not to be in toxic environments - second hand smoke, loud noises, violent media (TV & Movies), environments with alcohol and angry people. These toxins get under my skin and tense up my spine. Body maintenance requires awareness to what goes in and what gets absorbed.

When my physical needs of maintenance are met - my motor revs and
PURRS. My body is then so grateful, it fine tunes with my soul to create a SWEET HARMONY. The feelings of bliss and peace achieved in this state are what keep me coming back for more.


CresceNet said...
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CroneGoddess Margo said...

Thank you Goddess for your MAINTENANCE Blog...Big for me...I will be visiting this blog often. I have to take it in small doses...Excellent...BRAVO.
Cronegoddess Margo