Thursday, November 22, 2007

SPC - What I Wear {week 3}

As I was sitting here, at the end of my day, filling my heart with gratitude at all the wonderful things I have in my life - my vision shifted to the clothes I had hung up to dry.

I studied the colors and and I thought to myself - what a wonderful life I have. These are the clothes that I wear on a daily basis as I set out into the world.

I wear a lotus flower on me bum and a tag inside from the manufacturer, BE PRESENT. The material is lightweight and dries fast and has a slit on the backside from the knee down. Great pants for yoga or just around town.

The Green Tea Fiona bra with no underwire (I prefer not to put metal anywhere around my breasts) amply supports me for all my physical endeavors. I own it in Moonstone, Petal, Fuschia, Black and White. On bra washing day, my bra rainbow display is quite beautiful. Now, this is one of the best bras I have ever had. Moving Comfort was created by two women who make high-performance athletic wear for women exclusively. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

I have taken to wearing hats as another way to express my individuality or when I have to face the elements (our hot Florida sun). The picture here with my niece Alexandra, has me sporting a lovely reversible beach hat from Hanna Andersson. I bought identical ones for each of my nieces in orange and green.

The blue T-shirt I wear is from Amnesty International. It quotes the late great John Lennon and his prophetic message of IMAGINE. And yes, that is the wonderful & sexy WSM Noah by my side.

The necklace, the healing art that I wear for protection and strength is lovingly intuited and created by Goddess Bliss of Tennessee, a Glory sister and WildChild Diva. It is a nugget of Rose Quartz symbolizing my unconditional love for all that I meet.

This is the world I have created for myself. These are the colors I am using to paint my daily canvas. My heart overflow with great-full-ness for the great job that I have on this Earth - expressing life - just being ME.

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