Thursday, November 29, 2007

Strong Woman

"So often in our world we tend to think of strength as a quality that arises from a place of firm determination and a will to succeed no matter the cost. What really makes a woman confident is her capacity for listening to her true self and being able to call upon her feminine wisdom to any situation that may arise; to get in touch with her insight and sense of compassion to truly demonstrate the depth of her strength. Our capacity to tap into our intuition and listen to our inner guides, to take into account the needs of those around us, and to view a situation with compassion and love are ways that we can show the world the true power that is part of our feminine nature. "

- excerpted from Daily Om, Empowering Feminine Energy, 10/22/07

As I was pondering these words and letting them sink in deep to resonate with my heart, I thought about the times that I listen within for that small voice which vibrates her message to me when I slow down long enough to hear it. And how when that happens, everything around me flows. You know, one little synchronicity after another.

Kind of like my life ever since I made the decision to do things different. Quitting my job and leaving the corporate world and trusting that I would find my way eventually. Having faith in the universe that whatever I need will be provided to me. Listening to my heart when our society tells me something different. Being gentle and loving and choosing to be HAPPY.

Yes, I am a powerful FLFT (Fearless Leader of Feminine Truth) Goddess. I am ready to share HER-STORY so that we may bring Peace to our Planet.

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