Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Peek-a-boo, where are you?

Totally honest -no blockages, no veils, peeling back all the layers.

Honesty - I was afraid to burden others with my truths and used to fear what others thought - tee hee!!! at least this one is passe - walking around with hair on your legs and being yourself regardless of what others see or think - broke this barrier down completely.  Bye bye to to this layer of IN-secure-ity.

I am finding that my own explorations of the terrain called ME is quite exciting.  I have been adventurous as I tiptoe through the valleys and ravines of ME, letting go of some of what I once labeled as "mistakes" or "faults".  Learning to reLANGUAGE these landmarks and hotspots as "gifts" and "blessings".  The parts of me that make me U-nique and different and yet so the same and interconnected to others. 

I am living within an emotional environment of TRUTH.   Keeping my heart open to what I FEEL and cannot yet see.  Trusting my heart and the GREAT GODDESS/MOTHER GAIA to keep me from closing off - no disappearing acts or running away -  being fully present in my relationships and friendships and life in general.

If my path is to be successful, then I must share it.  I cannot shrink because others may feel envious.  NO MORE!!!  I have released relationships with women who were not ready to support me in whatever direction my STAR takes off.  ReMEMBERing that this guidance and HELP is within - Goddess knows there are so many here within me, tee hee!!! - I have my own cheerleading squad, my own PEEPS,  to PRO-pel me forward.  Go, Goddess, Go.

And of course, truly opening my eyes and realizing all the Goddesses/SISTERS who are around me - who connect and call and reMIND and nurture and love me and help me keep the flame connected and burning strong so that I may light the fire under theirs.

Peek-a-boo, where are you?  I'm ready to come out and play!!!

(The awesome picture above was created in PhotoBooth on my MacBook using Mirror effect)


Brenda said...

I'm right here--loving you--cheering you on--listening to you--absorbing your wisdom--so glad that you are writing.........
brenda bliss

pattie said...

And SO am I!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peek a Boo...I SEE YOU!