Monday, October 26, 2009

Feelings & Flow

(Begun writing on 7/2/09)

This flow has brought up a lot of FEELINGS for me.

As I expel what my body no longer needs, I feel the need to let go and release other things - people, places, memories. I'm not always aware that I am holding on until somethings sets me off and the feelings come up.

In the past, I may have acted or more appropriately REACTED to these feelings. Now, I let them come up and play with them. I might express them in ART or go into my body - a walk, a bike ride, on the mat with YOGA - in order to let it go through.

Last night I was blessed to have Goddess Annette here. We sang, we meditated, we prayed, we played, we created. We pulled out images and words that called us. We painted canvases - we chose emotional landscapes. We called the Goddesses to dance among us and INspire our creativity.

(Continued on 10/19/09)

I read the wisdom of these words as I flow again. The temperatures dropped drastically Sunday morning. From almost 90 degrees on Saturday afternoon to 54 degrees by Sunday morning at 5:30 a.m. We knew it was coming. The forecasters had been preparing us all week. However, the chill in the bones from a windlashing is always a refreshing reminder. Creeps right into the cell memory and opens the floodgates.

I start to flow and reMEMBER to stay loose - muscles relaxed and warm. Itsy Bitsy Yoga with the most beautiful toddlers and Mama Goddesses and my Mom. Then Mom and I went home to paint and nap and eat yummy raw food. Then she took a nap with me on the bed with Zeko. He purred me to sleep as he rubbed my belly.

It is such perfect timing. I am flowing with the Moon - the New Moon, that is. I am emptying and releasing and letting go to create a sacred container to fill again.

I am staying loose, muscles relaxed - and I flow.

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