Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's here!!!

It came in the mail yesterday. Right when I needed a little pick me up and some sunshine to lighten up all the rain.

I knew it was coming. Goddess Bliss had given me a sneak peek. I just had no idea how much bliss it would provide. And how healing it feels to wear.
I opened the package and sparkly pink confetti jumped out and a huge smile erupted on my face. Tee hee!!!

And then I reached in and found a pink card (her signature color along with the glitter, of course) with these words:

"Dearest Goddess, This piece has been waiting for you. What more can I say. Birth, rebirth, fertility, ocean and love. Wear it in good health my friend!" Goddess Bliss

And I reached my fingers further into the envelope and retrieved the black gauzy bag with a most beautiful handcrafted piece. I could feel the energy she had instilled within. The necklace was practically vibrating in my hand. Full of love and fertility and wisdom and experience and HEALING. Twisting and twirling each bead she touched and patiently put together. Marveling at the detail and beauty. And with a little heart and arrow clasp. Tee hee!!!

That is her gift, you know. Healing ART. Goddess Bliss intuits what is needed - what colors work - what energy to share - and puts it in her creations and sends them out into the world. She listens and absorbs and embraces the feelings and conversations and then turns around and creates whatever healing is needed through her ART.

I have been blessed to be in her home and art studio and watch her play. How she creates out of thin air and puts it all together with a flair and savoir-faire. How she puts her HEART into it as her fingers deftly dance on whatever surface and medium she uses. And how whatever she touches is full of love and peace and healing energy - like a day at the beach.

I am so grateful to have this Goddess Sister in my life. Her friendship, her wisdom, her love has helped me through many a moment. To have this necklace in my possession, feelings it powerful energy as I move forward (albeit micromovements) on this journey of motherhood and babies strengthens me - reMINDs me that YES, I too can do this. My magical talisman has arrived. I am open and prepared. Bring it on Universe!!! My time has come.

Thank you Goddess Bliss for your gift, your time, your generosity, your love, your friendship. This means so much to me. And just holding it feels so yummy and good. ALMOST as if you were here with me Meow.

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