Thursday, October 30, 2008

Saying Yes to the Universe

Career Day Pictures, Images and Photos
I have had many opportunities to say YES to the Universe in the last few weeks. And each YES has led to so many discoveries about me.  

During the month of May, I was invited to Career Day at Harbordale Elementary in Fort Lauderdale. Goddess Shelley, one of their guidance counselors, asked me to come and talk about my career as a Laughter Yoga Leader with four Grade 3 classrooms.

At first, I was a little apprehensive. What will I tell them? What can I say? I do have an unusual career.   Tee hee!!!   I did a little research and read a great article by WSM Jeffrey posted at the Laughter Yoga Institute.  His words resonated and reminded me of what I already knew, "all you have to do is BE YOURSELF."

I thought about how my whole life has prepared me for just that - being MYself. And then I reMEMBERed, the most important thing is to just SHOW UP.   The right words appear when I breathe and connect with my heart.

On Friday morning, I put on my happy colors and braided my hair and let my little girl PEEP come out to play. I map-quested directions and gave myself plenty of time to get there early so I could find parking.  I sat in the car breathing and centering, preparing myself to embrace the energies of the school and all the people and little PEEPs I would come in contact with.

I signed in to the school system and was led to the Guidance Counselor's office where Goddess Shelley gave me my classrooms and locations.   I was blessed to meet a whole bunch of other people who were going to share amazing things with these students (a chef who brought creme brulee and was going to caramelize the sugar with the kids, a realtor with maps and pictures and a computer, a vet's assistant who brought in a helping dog, a pizzeria owner who brought pizza and all the ingredients to make it, and a mounted police officer who brought his horse....tee hee... I wish they had presented these kinds of careers when I was a kid).

laughter, a choic Pictures, Images and Photos

I entered my first classroom to find a bunch of tired and sleepy third graders who were more than happy to oblige me by getting up and putting their hands on their bellies and HO HO HA HA HA with me. We clapped our hands to get our CHI going and tried some Greeting Laughter and talked about the benefits of Yoga and Laughter and then we laughed and laughed.  Time was up and I moved onto my next classroom.

The children asked about laughing and relaxation with yoga and we felt the laughter in different parts of our bodies.   We tried Shy Laughter and we gave ourselves opportunities to laugh out loud from our bellies and activate our meridian lines by touching our fingertips.  Then it was time to move on to the next class.

I noticed that the kids had an easy time with the exercises and laughing - although holding hands with the opposite sex was slightly more challenging.  However, I was surprised that they showed the most enthusiasm to our VERY GOOD, VERY GOOD, and jumping out of their seats YAY.

My favorite part was all the hugs and kisses I got before I left.  And I am so grateful for the thank you letters that fill up my scrapbook.

Very Good, Very Good, Yay!!!


jenica said...

that is really cool. good for you!

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