Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Goddess Sister

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She called me last night, crying. He left - told her she had too much anger and was unacceptable. She translated this to she was bad and called herself a piece of shit. She was crying, sobbing, oozing.

This lovely beautiful powerful Goddess who I am proud to call my Sister, my friend, my Goddess - reduced to tears and INsecure-ities and old mama dramas because of words he said. I reMINDed her that what others say to us is not about us. It's not personal as shared in the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. And that when he pointed fingers at her, he was really pointing three fingers back at himself. She wasn't ready to hear it.

She was putting herself through all this pain and suffering. And I truly felt for her. She's had a rough year. She lost a dog, a cat and a horse. All these soul mates who'd shared so many years of her life have recently left. And it hurts. To lose someone you love. And yet, he isn't lost or dead. He left. And I remember the old saying and Sting song - If you love someone, set them free, if they come back, they’re yours, if they don’t, they never were.

I see a gift here. It's like the Universe is preparing her for change by creating a void and releasing her from RESPONSE-ability. In order to do that, she must let go of all that she knows to create sacred space for the new. And she told the Universe that she was ready for change - just before he came along and took her away.

She tries to blame it all on herself - a horrible person she called herself. And the LITTLE PEEP inside has to hear this. IT'S NOT TRUE. I hear you, O little One. And I know how wonderful and special you are. And I know how Goddess Sister, at this moment, can't hear you because she has her head all wrapped up in him. This song is for you.

We got interrupted. I tried to call her back and couldn't make a connection. So I painted her a rock. I poured my love and healing energy into this stone from Mama Earth. And I surrounded it in a pink bubble of glitter and harmony. Of peace and love, just because.

Sometimes we get ANGRY when our bodies fill up with ener-CHI and there is no healthy way to release it. When we are not allowed to be who we are - when we are censored, when we start putting others as more important than ourselves. When we stop paying attention to the little PEEP, the Goddess In Real Life within, she goes crazy. And she erupts.

Sometimes people leave when they can't handle our IN-tense-ity. It scares some to see passionate Goddesses who know their own minds and worth. It especially seems to scare MEN and so we try to appease them and do what they want to do and go where they want to go. And ALIEN-nate the LITTLE PEEP.

I called my Goddess Sister this morning and I sang her a song:

We love you Goddess
Oh yes we do
We love you Goddess
Oh yes it's true
When you're not with us
We're blue
Oh Goddess we love you.

And I knew that if my Sister Goddess wouldn't get it, the little Sunshine within would.

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squarepegperson said...

Goddess Diana,

So cool checking in and seeing what you've been up to..love, love, love the picture of little Diana..and the work you did with her..wow! and tennis and Ginger Mama and meditation and..oh..so much going on..

love the moving pics too..wild!!