Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Real Me

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Peeling back the layers of myself - standing in my core strong and proud. No need for veils and layers and protection. I am exposing myself - speaking my truth - shining the light on who I am.

And sometimes that feels scary and I feel

Able to feel Vulnus (Latin root word for Vulner) which means "wounded". Able to feel wounded. 

In the past, showing my true self, left the opportunity to be wounded. However, I see now that the LOVE and AWARENESS that comes from being vulnerable is greater then the sensation of being wounded.

In order to build a relationship with myself (and that includes all the LITTLE PEEPS and other personas within), I must be true to ME.   For what I do for or to myself, I do with others.

Peeling away my layers gives me the FREEdom to be ME. To sing. LA LA LA LA LA. To wear my hair in pigtails, if I so choose. To learn MEOW language. To LAUGH.  LOL!!!  To dance.  To BE.

And being consistent in peeling the layers (
vulner-ABLE.) means that:

                  1.      I develop trust in myself (my little voice of intuition is growing stronger)
                  2.     I keep my word to MOI
                  3.     I speak my truth in ALL situations with love and comPASSION

And what I am finding is that my relationship with and conversations with others are deepening and blossoming. When I have the courage to honestly open up with others, everything is a little deeper, more fulfilling and the level of intimacy rises.

When I share ME, I give others permissions to share themselves, delve a little deeper, scratch beyond the surface so we can truly connect.

And then I flow with the Universe - a vibration of love and light and bliss and synchronicities.

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Tammie Lee said...

Yes, dance and laugh and grow and deepen. This is your life and it sounds like you are living it! Yea