Thursday, October 9, 2008

Expanding my Heart

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It poured - Thursday, Friday, Friday night into Saturday morning. And then it stopped. At 5:30 a.m. GingerMama and I stepped outside and had a walk/run sniffing the air and talking to frogs.  It was wet and humid - we jumped into puddles and were so glad to be out without a downpour.  We walked in the door at 6:45 a.m. and it began to rain again.

Beautiful, lovely rain - feels like a monsoon type of rain - easy to sleep to as it slaps onto the roof and beats out a rhytmic patterns that lulls you back to sleep. Great for the earth and the plants and for raising the levels of water of Lake Okeechobee so that water restrictions are not necessary.   That's the way I see things.  The lady on the TV said it would be a miserable day. Maybe that's why I got rid of our television.

Went to yoga this morning and it was packed - I guess the rain limits our outdoor activity choices. And WSM Steve's theme in yoga was PERSPECTIVE - how we view things. The class was intense as he led us through downward dogs and hip openers and backbends.  Time to expand our hearts  - opening our chests wide and allowing our hearts to shine.

Today, I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone.  I had great focus and felt my body shift in all these peculiar ways.   And the Universe rewarded me.  Dr. Steve picked me for an assisted dolphin pose - placing his feet in my lower back and helping me push even further into the pose. It was so wonderful - I moaned. And came out of the asana, face glowing in bliss and contentment.

And then some handstands and more backbends and then into vrschikasana using a chair against the wall and assisted (thank Goddess). Supposed to look like this. Tickled pink that I could get myself up onto my forearms and get my body to bend that way. Tee hee!!
Scorpion Pose

I sweat and I released and I felt great.  And the rain on the ceiling of the yoga studio was so relaxing during Shivasana (where we lay on our backs and let our bodies relax and absorb the experience).

kitty yoga shivasana Pictures, Images and Photos

I drove home singing along with the radio.  And the sun was peeking out beyond the rain clouds.  GingerMama and I went for another walk as it started to drizzle.  And as we were walking in the rain, I found myself singing.

Joy to the World. 
All the boys and girls. 
Joy to the fishes and the deep blue Sea.
Joy to you and me. 

Tee hee!!!  It's back.  That lightness in my heart.  That feel good energy.  That anything is possible sensation.  That I love this life feeling.  It feels so good.  The heavy clouds have lifted. And I am at peace with what is and what I don't know and whatever is about to come.

Life is good!!!


Doe Grozs Art said...

what a wonderful uplifting post!
I think we should all throw out our TV's :-)
Focusing on the love......

Couture de Papier said...

Adorable..Love your blog!