Monday, October 13, 2008


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We played tennis today.  It was so exciting!!!  

We didn't actually play.  We booked an hour session with a tennis pro at the local park.  And he put us through the drills.  And 25 minutes into it, we were so hot and sweaty and flushed yet exhilarated and excited. Crossing Noah's path, I told him it might be hard to keep up this pace for another half hour.  And with those words uttered, it started to drizzle.  The water felt so lovely on my face.  And then it started to rain a little harder.  Our tennis pro called our session off.  Yay Universe!!!

I used to train.  On Mondays and Fridays at the 9:00 a.m. tennis clinic.  About 6 people per court forming a line and running to the base line to hit a sequence of forehands and backhands and volleys.  And then running to the back of the line to start all over again.  

At first, I felt so inadequate.  My shoulder would hike up.  I didn't know how to have the tennis racket become an extension to my arm.  My footing was all off.   So, I practiced.  I kept on showing up, consistently.  I bought tennis sneakers so I could hug the court better.  Tee hee!!! And a little tennis skirt so I had somewhere to store the balls when we got a chance to play with the others.  And then Noah got interested.  He joined me at the clinics.  

I stopped when I got injured.  And then Noah got injured and the weather hit 98 degrees by 9:00 a.m. and we traveled ....

I had forgotten how wonderful it was.  To run after a little greenish yellow ball and smack it with all your might.  I had forgotten how good it felt to release energy in this peaceful and constructive manner.  Harnessing and controlling your ener-CHI and allowing it free reign on a little harmless ball.  And my tennis sessions helped me become peaceful and calm in other parts of my life.  

Thank you WSM Ishmael for a great session today.  Looking forward to doing it again on Thursday!!!

I am so grateful.  I am so blessed.

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