Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weekend of Learning

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I took some time off from my every day life to learn something new.  I chose to have an experiential hands-on kind of learning.   After  I read the book.  Kind of like getting a trainer and having a semi-private.  It was lovely.

I spent Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. with 7 - SEVEN - powerful Goddesses as we absorbed and breathed in Mama Goddess Helen and her labor of love, 
Itsy Bitsy Yoga.   YES!!!  It is as cute as it sounds. And so yummy for the soul - mine, the itsy bitsies LITTLE PEEPS and their blessed parents.

Sister Goddess Helen is witty and humble and inspiring and funny. The atmosphere at
Yoga One Studio (thanks to Sister Goddess Darlene) was peaceful and serene. The bamboo floors, the colors, the draped ceilings, the sacred symbols. The yoga mats and the blankets.  And refreshments of course. Tea and coffee and popcorn and chocolate. All that a Goddess needs to keep the brain focused and tweaked. Our weekend flowed.

Over the weekend, Goddess Helen sat us in circle as she shared her cornucopia of wisdom on the subject of yoga and LITTLE PEEPS and child development and brain/body connection.  Healing arts - all the way baby!!!   She demonstrated and had us FEEL the asanas - (love, LOVE, LOVE kinesthetic learning to incorporate the visual and audio)and tried to help us see it from LITTLE PEEP's body perspective (first time crawlers and walkers).   She showered us with materials and resources and took her time to support us and lay a strong foundation.   Most importantly, she taught us the LINGO - LITTLE PEEP communication rules.   

That for which I am truly grateful was a live session of Itsy Bitsy Yoga with the Tykes and their parents. To see these LITTLE PEEPS stretch and follow direction and sing was terrific.   Ring Around the Yogi!!!   To see the parents give themselves permission to PLAY and interact with their kids was AWE-some.  Goddess Helen made it seem so easy to keep a group of toddlers and adults happy and active and connected. And she was so intuitive as to the concerns of each parent and encouraged each child's different stage of progress and the dynamics of the group as a whole.  And she used hulahoop props, no less. Tee hee!!!  Watching this energetic exchange created a pink bubble of LOVE around my heart that kept me warm all day!!!

I was in the company of five Sister Goddesses from Hollywood and Pinecrest and Jupiter and Jacksonville and one brave Goddess who came all the way from North Carolina.   These amazing Sister Goddesses are all Mamas too.  Empowering others to care for their little PEEPS (or encouraging those who have flown the coop) while they come to amass knowledge and skills and tools to make this world a more peaceful place.  Each one a powerful healing GODDESS and trendsetter.  Blessed are WE, my sister Goddesses and I, the peacemakers.  Each one, in her own way and with who she be and what she shared, inspires me to take that next step on my journey through Birth Camp.
Thank you for this lovely experience.  
I am so grateful.  I am so blessed.

I highly recommend these terrific books for yourself, as an Auntie, a Grandma, Mom and Dad and these are great gifts for Baby Showers.  Easy to read and great pictures to assist.

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