Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I came back to OVERwhelm - new Moon, feeling empty and tired, GingerMama in heat, three Meows out of sort, 364 emails and Lordy knows how many telephone calls. And I think I have managed to miss all of my August birthdays and anniversaries (my apologies to family, friends and other loved ones).

I felt that heavy cloud of TOO MUCH TO DO sitting on my shoulders. And NOT SURE where to pick up the pieces and start. Piles over here, piles over there.

So I took a deep breath and reMEMBERed O.D.A.A.T - one day at a time. One BABY STEP in any direction. I focused on what was working and let go of my list of things I haven't done or SHOULD be doing (what is up with shoulding on myself anyways?)

And it is - first, my commitments - showing up for Laughter Yoga as per my calendar. Being there for family members who depend on me. And then keeping up with my exercise - Yoga, Pilates, and long walks with GingerMama.

And changing the focus - from all that is not done to what is getting accomplished - framed three pieces of my ArtWork. Have one up on the wall and two waiting to be wired and hung.

I completed a series of 20 yoga classes. Really excited - signed up for another 20. Very good, very good, Yay!!!

I am coming back to 10,000 steps a day - walking consistently three to four times a day - thank you Doggess/Goddess GingerMama for this response-ability.

I am reading - EVERY DAY - one hour set aside to learn something new or immerse myself in someone else's life. Tee hee!!!

I am slowing myself down to give my body a chance to catch up. And my body has its own rhythm - synching my mind to my body (that's what YOGA is all about). Breathing and being still and being OK with it.

And meditating daily - in different ways - some days I chant and sway. Some days, I light a candle and sit in my sanctuary and listen to my breath. And this helps me ground. Helps me focus on what is truly important and how to best go about my day to accomplish and BE.

I am responding to emails yet feeling no pressure of having to get it done. I started my list of phone calls and again, if it works, if it is meant to be.

I am being gentle with myself as I regain a foothold on the shifts in ME and where I am going. Tee hee!!!

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