Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Saying NO to others

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I am still working on this one - saying NO to others so I can say YES to myself. And being a witch, tee hee!!!

I have a big heart and I want to help - I want to give of myself and my time - and yet, when I do that, I don't get what I set out to accomplish done and sometimes I also feel drained and empty with no energy left over for me.

In every relationship I have with others, we exchange energy. This creates a psychic cord between us. And when a conversation ends or a friendship ends, this connection remains open. A channel between me and the other soul where emotions and energy still flow. Sometimes, it hinders my progress and growth. And saps my energy as well.

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In order to be true to ME and MY LIFE, I need to learn to say NO in a loving and direct manner.

I have let go of so many intimate relationships this year - all of them with women, Goddess sisters. It took me so long to open my heart and express myself. And misunderstandings and hidden agendas and probably a lot of naivete on my part could not heal the wounds that were created. I ran away to shield myself. Time heals all wounds, they say. When time had lessened my confusion, I tried to open the door to communication and understanding and find out what went wrong. However, these relationships ended. It takes two to tango.

I have grieved so much for what could have been, the partnerships that could have been created, the collaboration of women, the communion of Goddess sisters. And yet, to be true to me, I have let go of the how and why and pray that I planted enough seeds that with time and sunshine and rain will blossom on their own.

I thought it would be easy. Women with women - I didn't understand about the conditioning and the competition and the negativity - complaining and being victims. And about MEN and women's RELAT-ion-SHIP to them. And all the more rules and craziness that comes with it. I am more interested in uplifting my Goddess sisters and moving forward together - strong and powerful in who we BE. And sometimes I feel so alone on this journey.

I am cutting cords and separating myself from old baggage, unnecessary attachments, and release you from connections that are no longer serving you. I call upon Archangel Michael to cut the chords and help me fill these spaces with healing sunlight and cleanse. And in doing so, release these sister Goddesses so they may reach new stages of growth.

Life - such a delicate balance of GIVING and RECEIVING.

I need to receive - I need to ASK for HELP - so many things going on - clearing the clutter - letting go of what no longer serves me so I can participate in what I truly love. And staying true to ME.

Thanks for the opportunity to remind myself.

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