Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thank you

After posting my last blog, I went looking for Raw Food on the World Wide Web.

I found WSM Philip and his wonderful blogs and vlogs about how Raw Food changed his life. What a wonderful LOVE CAT!!! He shares it all - words, feelings, emotions, pictures. He details the process exquisitely.

He put out a call to the Universe. I hear you my brother from another mother.

So I am calling all Superheros. The time to shine is Now.

Use your powers.
Transform your life.
Inspire others.

…and don’t forget your cape!

I love you all,

Philip @ Lovingraw

Loving you right back WSM Philip.

Calling the Angels, the SuperHeros, the Dreamers and Me....

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Goddess Diana


CroneGoddess Margo said...

Thank you Goddess Diana....This is a great way for me to "catch up" learn feel your enthusiasm and LEARN....
Goodbye to Goddess Ruby..So peaceful and she shared with the BEST Parents...
Greenwave Cafe excites my palate so I will be visiting....eating and learning.....
Peace and balance with LOVE Magic and Laugh.

CroneGoddess Margo said...

I love the Greenwave Cafe...I had the best "not" cheese burger ever.

Friendly Happy place to enjoy and easily digest...Thank you Goddess