Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Raw Food

Summer Lunch with WSM Noah and Goddess at the Ark

WSM Noah and I have shifted again.

In March, he went to Israel for 10 days. He returned from Israel and I left for Tennessee, to the Farm for 10 days. I came back and he was juicing. Carrots and celery and beets and greens and apples. Really healthy and yummy stuff. Full of iron and antioxidants - just what a Goddess needs to have a strong body.

In fact, we developed a routine of juicing twice a day. Earthy juice first thing in the morning. This summer, lunch is luscious avocado, golden beet and heirloom tomato slices topped off with a big fat leaf of basil. Dinnertime is a sweeter juice - more carrots, less greens.

Food, as we once knew it, became a thing of the past. Which was amazing because I've had so many issues with food. And wonderful how much more time and energy I have now that I'm not in the kitchen. We also lost a lot of weight - the fat melted off as we let go of dairy products (ice cream and yogurt and fine Italian cheese, sorry Mimi's) and went RAW.

In fact, we had the pleasure of dining at Chef Roxanne's restaurant in Old Mill Valley many years ago before it closed. However, we were just at the beginning of our nutritional journey - eating vegetarian but not particularly healthy.

By taking little baby step forwards, we find the Universe always rewards us. This time, two girlfriends simultaneously share with me a soon to be hot spot, GreenWave Cafe. Thank you Queen Goddess YogaMommy and Mamma Goddess Donna Madonna for being the trendsetters that you are. Oh my Goddess!!! So yummy.

We've become regulars - stocking up on Onion Bread and Nori Snacks and Sprouted Hummus and Snap Happy Crackers. In fact, I even ate a Mushroom Cheeseburger there once - no cheese, no burger and marinated mushrooms -yes, me!!! - it was so delicious - I brought Noah and my Mom and his Mom - my SoulMama - and all of my open minded and mouthed girlfriends. Tee hee!!

We head over there Friday afternoon to stock up for the weekend. Goddess Lisa is all out of her signature Onion Bread. WSM Raoul asks us if we're signed up for the Italian Gourmet Raw Dinner on Saturday night. I look over the menu - Salad, Minestrone Soup, Calzone, Cheesecake - and my mind immediately computes to my previous reality of Italian dinners - heavy, doughy, cheesy .... this whole movie plays out in my head before I take a breath and get back into my present reality - Italian RAW gourmet dinner Saturday night. No cooking. Night out on the town. A nice change of pace. Of course we sign up.

Next evening we're back. The cafe has candles lit and the air smells fresh and juicy. We are seated and served a wonderful salad with Apple Balsamic dressing. Tart and thick. So yummy and filling with sprouts and avocado and greens and cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas. Every bite so tasty and fresh.

Our plates got whisked away and Goddess Lisa's gorgeous dishes came out with a teacup of minestrone soup, big fat basil leaves topping it off. Room temperature, this delicious soup of tiny vegetable crunches in an aromatic tomato ambrosia tingled the tongue. Dipping the spoon for just a little more to satisfy the palate, I couldn't get enough.

Sitting alongside on these gorgeous happy looking plate, lays a calzone - a beautifully shaped turnover.
And some tasty marinara for dipping. I couldn't help myself - I pulled the dough apart to peek in before I tasted. Creamy white something layered with baby spinach leaves and moistened sun dried tomatoes. I bit into it. Delicious. It felt like pizza. White stuff turned out to be almond ricotta cheese. The "dough" - some sort of flax seed bread. Who would have known? It was so delicious. I thought I gave up raving about food when we went raw. However, here I go again.

Tonight, we are being served by beautiful Goddesses whose appreciation and love for the food and its Creatrix is felt. They share with us the ingredients of each concoction as we let the tastes linger on our tongues just for a final moment of gratitude.

And Dessert - Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake - I didn't even have any room left and I still managed to leave my imprint on the nice sized slab that was placed in front of me. I was by then too stuffed for the Almond Milk Cappuccino which WSM Noah told me was delicioso. Enough said.

I was so satifsfied with the fresh ingredients, the creative presentation and the yumminess and healthiness of it all. I could feel the love and healing coming right through the food. And for that I am deeply blessed and grateful.

Thank you Mama Goddess Chef Lisa and all the wonderful crew at the GreenWave Cafe for a most delicious experience.

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