Monday, June 29, 2009

Fearless Feminine TRUTH

It's raining again....
I am preparing to flow...
the egg IN-side me is losing her grip
tearing off the wall, tumbling along and down through the uterus
shedding, cleansing, clearing
I am waiting for the blood
Looking forward to it really

I feel bloated and uncomfortable
Sensations of stress
In my pelvis, low back and hips.
A shift, a shift.
I so get it NOW.

I stopped HER progress -
I got in my own WAY
I hindered the movement
And I am feeling it meow.

I knew this was going to happen
I 've seen the signs before
mind & BODY out of alignment
I stopped showing up
Keeping my WORD

BREATHE .... Life
BREATHE .... Love
BREATHE .... Laugh

Learning to laugh at myself for this OVERsight
Grateful for my flash of INsight.
Slowly learning what is true for ME in my body
and ME in my community and ME on this planet

That's me up there doing Lion Laughter
Loose lips means loose vulva
I'm all for that at this moment

Ready to CELEBRATE my flow
So grateful for the GIFTS of my FEmale BODY
And blessed for all the lessons she teaches me


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