Thursday, June 18, 2009

Goddess Ruby Meow

On Monday, my Ruby Meow died. She took her last breath in the cool shade of the palm tree as she lay facing the house. We found her Tuesday morning and disposed of her body. We cried and yelled a little as we dealt with the reality of a dead body in June in Florida.

I cried as I brushed my teeth. I cried as I braided my hair. I cried as I hugged Noah. And then I took a deep breath and composed myself. We got into the car and drove off to Laughter Yoga. I didn't feel like going or leading the Circle or being out in the beautiful Sun.

We got to the Park and I took in the trees and the leaves. I breathed in their aromas. I absorbed the pureness and stillness of nature. I greeted two squirrels who were kind enough to share the picnic table with my purse and sign-in sheet. I sat on the table facing the lake and put my thumb and Jupiter fingers together and took a deep breath. And let go and surrendered to my feelings of abandon and love and grief and hurt and fear and sadness. I took another deep breath and I found the gratitude.

Images and feelings flitted through my head and heart as I remembered the wonderful naps Crone Goddess Ruby Meow and I shared. She taught me about shiatsu and the power of touch. She initiated me into the language of the soul and the signs to focus on. She reminded me of the gifts of YOGA and putting ME as first priority. She held onto my chest and put her heart next to mine as we exchanged energy and purred together. She was my sensitive One.

Laughter Yoga really helped. Laughing - the other side of crying - and deep breathing and shaking my body. My wonderful community of Laughter yogis and yoginis - sharing their energy and getting and giving hugs. That alleviated so much of the sadness - helped me focus on what truly matters. In the healing circle, I placed Crone Goddess Ruby Meow - knowing and feeling her freedom and happiness.

I am overflowing with emotion and it is so RAW.

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Brenda said...

Oh Honey--
I am so sorry for your loss-I know how much love and wisdom Ruby had for you--and how much you loved her--I know this is so very hard...
I am holding your heart in my heart...and sending love and healing out to you and Noah...
Take care of each other..
Goddess Bliss