Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dad & Me

Saturday at Dad's - woke up at 5:30 a.m. Opened my eyes, found myself nose to nose with Sammy. We stared at one another. And then he began to purr. We got to know one another better and I gave him a massage. I got up and improvised a yoga studio on Dad's rooftop patio. 30 minutes of Kundalini Yoga for Kids and I was grounded and peaceful.

Dad got up shortly thereafter. We toasted some Montreal bagels. According to Wikipedia - these are hand-made and wood-fired baked bagels. Smaller, sweeter and denser, with a larger hole, than its American counterparts - biting into one takes me right back to my childhood. Dad bought yummy white cheese called Tumi. We cut up some cucumbers and tomatoes and sprinkled them with Montreal spices. I was in childhood heaven. We ate as we sat on the rooftop patio, enjoying the clouds.

Dad changed his weekly routine of going to the synagogue to be with me. And for that, I am deeply grateful.  We connected with my brother and his kids on Skype. I think this opened up a whole new way for us to communicate as a family.  We called my cousin and planned a visit. I wanted to meet his son - the next generation. We bought some goodies and headed over to see WSM Lior & Mama Goddess Valerie and meet their one creation W. We also met the Dog-God, protector of the house, Snoopy.

W & Snoopy have an AWEsome relationship. Bestfriends and buds, Snoopy plays and protects and engages W. They horse around with a ball. So much love Snoopy has for W as he keeps him active and smiling and happy.

From there, we went to my Mom's favoritest dollar store. My Mom loves to shop for deals - the more shelves and materials, the more treasures she finds. Tee hee!!! Dad took me there to buy lava lamp night lights. So tres cool.  Dad then took me to a great shoe store which carries
NAOT brand from Israel. Great looking shoes and comfy - LO NORMALI . Tee hee!!! I bought two pairs and some fabulous sandals for Dad.   And then we went home for a nap. Dad laid down with Sammy.   

I went for a walk in the neighborhood. Picked up the pace. Listened to all the languages. Observed how people dressed and behaved. Very nice to be somewhere where no one knows your name. Allows me to be a silent witness. I stood under some yummy trees and feasted my eyes on lovely flowers. It's good to walk.

Went back home - assessed Dad's computer for webcam hookup. A quick scenic drive to 
Marche Central (huge megamall megacentre that didn't exist when I was growing up here)and Future Shop (the local Best Buy) and we were all set to go. Dad took me through some very green and lush neighborhoods with cute boutiques and outdoor cafes (Outremont and NDG). We stopped to eat something and then headed home.

We hooked up the webcam. Created a Skype account for Dad.  And voila!!!  Dad connected with his grandkids. I could feel his depression lift as he could actually see, IN THE MOMENT, and BE with his loved ones. It was way cool. For him and for them. Tee hee!!!

We settled ourselves for the evening. Made some Morrocan Mint tea - pulled out some KAAK biscuits and yummy Romanian cookies and watched
And the Band Played On [VHS].  Thank you Goddess Lucia for telling me about this film. We learned and cried and shared a deep emotional moment - Dad and I.

Dad and me - this is very nice. I might have to do this more often. 

Thanks Dad!!!

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