Friday, August 28, 2009


Martin, Andy & Anthony - English LOVECats

On our way back to Paris - we took the lovely high speed Thalys train - we met the most amazing LOVE Cats. Three WILD SUCCULENT MEN who happened to share the cabin with us for most of our ride.

They were the last ones to board in Amsterdam. As I saw them through the glass doors, I thought they were brothers. Two young men were helping guide another young man in a motorized wheelchair. They were in the baggage storage area of the train - between two cars - suspended between worlds. Trying to park the wheelchair so it did not block the doors and the passageway. Getting used to the moving train which had just departed. Morgan walked in our compartment asking if he could have our seats - Thalys' configuration in this car was a four seater and a two seater across the aisle. We were up and out of our seats immediately.

Morgan went back to help Andy with the bags. They worked together to figure out what to do with the wheelchair and then extricated Anthony from it. I watched as Morgan picked up Anthony - put his arms around his waist and carried him in and onto the chair. Andy came in with their bags. My heart just melted as Andy pulled out a banana and fed the other half to Anthony. Then he pulled out some water and a straw and held it for Anthony to drink.

My shyness prevented me from speaking. However, I couldn't stop watching them. Truth - the child within me stared with that penetrating focus I have. Couldn't help it. The aura from these men was so beautiful.

Anthony was so intriguing. His body was doing so many things at once. I was mesmerized. I watched Anthony's body spasm as he expressed himself - he spoke slowly and his words were distorted to me. Yet Andy understood everything and laughed at what Anthony was saying. And then Anthony smiled. It lit up our cabin. He looked my way. I got over my drama and said Hi. A few minutes later we were engaged in conversation.

Morgan and Andy and Anthony are school buddies. They travel together often. Anthony has cerebral palsy. From what I witnessed, it affects his muscles and joints and his speech. I had never met anyone with cerebral palsy before. I was very curious.

Anthony shared with me how people do not acknowledge him. They see his condition and act like he is sick or diseased. What he really want is for people to talk to him directly - regardless of how he looks or behaves. His condition does not affect how he FEELS or thinks or LOVES.

These young men encounter a lot of difficulty and resistance - yet, the gift of traveling with Anthony is seeing that ANY THING is POSSIBLE. I was so amazed at the infinite patience and LOVE these boys shared with Anthony. How gentle their touch was with him. I was also awed and humbled by Anthony - so full of life and joie de vivre. Moving forward despite the physical challenges and mental blocks of others. My heart was full of gratitude as they got off the train at Antwerp.

My blessings and LOVE follow you wherever you go.

Thank you for being LOVECATS and WSMs. Thank you for your inspiration and LOVE. Thank you for just being you and creating ripples of awareness.

I am so grateful. I am so blessed.

Life is great!!!

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