Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend in Amsterdam

Sitting on my houseboat on a beautiful canal - boats going by - we're waving and smiling. This place is AWEsome. A big huge box anchored to a wall, sitting in the water. We arrived yesterday and I am still slowing down to the speed of life. Amsterdam life - tee hee!!

Down one big step into the yoga lounge - comfy pillows and lounger with a big screen projector and great sound system. Down a few more steps to a sweet kitchen with bamboo counters. One more step into the living area - a dining room table, a couch chair by a white Rippen piano and a hammock in the middle of the room. Did I mention a hammock in the LIVING room. How smart. How cool!!! I will ANIMOTO & share when I return.

The bedroom has a round bed that takes up the whole room. A big plush white comforter. With a porthole window looking at the Montelbahn tower. Nice and cozy. WSM Noah and I might have some fun in here. Tee hee!!!

This place is great. We have done so much walking and BIKING - we rented bikes with pedal brakes (you pedal backwards and the bike stops). This city is a mecca for bikers - bike paths everywhere and the little tingle of the bell rules. We drive around and follow the flow (these are some SERIOUS bikers). Need to be fully alert and keep up. And in this city of 15, 000, 000 people, each of them has a bicycle.

Today, we found WesterPark, fabulous trees and shaded trails and grassy lawns. We found a little cafe and had brown Dutch bread full of nuts and herbs topped by thin slices of Emmentaler cheese and half a slightly steamed artichoke with a little tray of yummy dipping sauces.

We felt like kids biking around. The wind in our hairs, the freedom of having no where to go and all day to get there. And the power of our bodies to get us from one point to another. Pedaling and letting go of the handles. What a thrilling day!!!

From the park, we went back into the city. So sore - will have to practice more before returning here - certain bones in my posterior area are tender to the touch. We stopped at a Chinese medicine Reflexology storefront - big plush red chairs beckoned. WSM Noah and I had our cranial and neck areas stimulated while our feet soaked in a hot bath. As people walked by and looked in, we laid back and enjoyed the tender touch of the Chinese masseuses.

Then we walked - each time exploring a new direction. And it's funny to see how WSM Noah and I interact. In a new city in a new space - new language, new rules - we sometimes respond with STRESS - a certain tone of voice or some impatience felt - not as relaxed as usual - not completely trusting this newness - this environment we're in.

The Universe sends me a sign from home. Zeko Meow brother strolls up and lays beside us. I take a deep breath.

I count my blessings. My wonderful husband - celebrating time together in Amsterdam - learning how to communicate even better - getting closer. The weather is fabulous - warm and breezy and lots of places to find shade. We sit here and people watch on the canals.

Life is great.

I am so grateful. I am so blessed.

Thank you O Great Mother Goddess Universe.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray!! You carry the love and joy where you go! What a profound and loving interaction with the train cats! Now you can let others know to be with other spirits and souls no matter what the outside is like....especially when the outside is different than ours..we are all one.
Miss you but feel so happy for you & WSM Noah on your traveling times; and oh what a nest in Amsterdam! Enjoy & see you very soon.
Love & Peace & a big lion laugh!
Goddess Dancing Flower by the water