Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Mishpacha

Mispacha means family in Hebrew.

I am spending a great deal of time this year with MISHPACHA. Part of my research for BIRTH CAMP.

Noah's aunt, Tanta Berti, turned 90 this year in March. We went to Austria to celebrate our MISHPACHA's MATRIARCH. Twelve first cousins and Noah and I (as representatives of the COUSINS CLUB and Shalom ambassadors to our families). We met in Vienna. Three glorious days of breakfasts and teeyulim (adventures) and a beautiful celebration for Tanta Berti.

This is how I saw things:

We are going again at the end of this month for a FAMILY REUNION at the Kfar where it all started.

Very good, very good, YAY!!!

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,
Gddess Diana

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Dancing Flower said...

Dearest Goddess Diana,
Your great love is healing and bringing together not only your family, but the world!
Precious gifts are you & WSM Noah!
I feel very blessed that WSM Chris&I have increased our love and laughter hearts because of you!
Safe Travels to you & WSM Noah.
Dancing Flower by the Water