Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bling Souvenirs

I get off the Southwest airplane in Orlando looking for my connection to Fort Lauderdale. The airport is packed full of people. I find a departures and gate connection board and notice how many flights are cancelled or delayed. So many that my next flight in 40 minutes has no room on this board. Wandering in search....

I head off to the bathroom to change my water. Release from the airplane and renew by taking another swig from my bottle of water. On my way to the Food Court and right across from my next departing gate, I see a booth full of colors - tshirts, tank tops, hats - full of bling bling. I walk by, absorbing the beauty of the color spectrum when Carlos tells me - "all these shirts are customizable."

I spot a cat and a fairy. Hmm, the wheels in my head start to turn. Carlos entices me with - "and look at the wonderful fabrics on my shirts and the colors."

I have already spotted a lovely green and hot pink tank top - good quality, great cotton, not made in China.

"For $5.00 more, we can customize your name on it " - Carlos sweetens the deal - "and it only takes 2 minutes."

That's all I've got as I hear them call out for boarding on my plane. I place my order and Carlos lovingly and patiently gets the font and letters and images and makes me two beautiful tank tops.

What a great gift!!! Personalized customized bling bling merchandise. What a concept. Carlos gives me his card - he and his wife Terri Diaz are the owners and designers of this little gem. Carlos tells me he hopes to be in airports all over and that I will soon be able to place any future orders online at his website. What a great way to do business WSM Carlos and what a nifty gift, from me to me. Tee hee!!!

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,

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