Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Goddess ArtMuse

My recent trip to California yielded a delightful surprise.  The neighbour's daughters were watching the dog-GOD during the pre-wedding festivities.  One night, I was asked to bring the dog-GOD home.   I walked over and as I got to the door, I stepped onto this beautiful mosaic creation.  I was so enthralled, I took off my shoes and let my toesies feel the energy of the shells and stones in this artistic creation. 

I had an opportunity to meet Goddess Cheryl and her lovely family at my cousin's wedding.  Her daughters walked down the aisle and helped the bride with her lovely train.  Her Goddesses In Real Life were also the dog-GOD's official wedding escorts.

The day before I left California, I went to snap the picture above and Goddess Cheryl opened the door and told me the story of its creation.  She then opened the door to her home and art studio and shared with me her divine creations.  I post her busy-ness cards below because they contain two of her artistic renditions.

Besides being a mother of two lovely Goddesses in Real Life, Goddess Cheryl is also an Artist ExtraOrdinary, a fabulous Designer and an awesome Illustrator.  She might be blessing women and GIRLs of this world by opening up her space and teaching art classes.  Yay!!!

I was so inspired by this Goddess, I created a video of a sampling of her ART with music on Animoto.  These videos are my gift of love to you, my Goddess.  

Thank you for your inspiration, your grace, your SPIRIT.

I am so grateful!!! I am so blessed!!!

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Brenda said...

Thank ou Goddesses!