Monday, February 23, 2009


I have been travelling.  And now I'm home. It's so good to be home.  In my own bed - with my own toys and luxuries that allow me to enjoy this box wherein I live.  It's like you have to go away to truly appreciate what you have.  Absence does make the heart grow fonder.

I have truly missed GingerMama.    I saw this Tshirt that says: "Home is where my dog is."
So true. There is something really special about being woken up in the morning by a doggess/goddess licking your face and wagging her tail.  The flapping noise of her ears as she stretches off the couch to rise. The sound of her nails on the porcelain as she gingerly trots to the bedroom.

In fact, she got nicknamed in my absence.  "GMama" - and a great big thank you to Goddess Annette, pet sitter extraordinaire, who came through at the last minute and was extremely reliable and dependable.  Yes, Gmama is giving me three tail wags and a sigh.  Good sign.

Just being with GMama - laying in the grass next to her.  Enjoying the earth beneath us and the sun and wind. Massaging her and watching her nose quiver as some scent wafts over.  Checking out the squirrels in the trees.   Walking our hood and observing everything that GMama shows me.   Meeting neighbors as GMama wants to make friends.

Today, we got in the car and drove around the neighborhood - GingerMama in the front passenger side, sitting regal, long and straight as she sniffs from the sunroof and then turns to her window to get a better view. We drive at 0 miles an hour - waving at neighbors and enjoying a different perspective of the streets we meander on.

I feel so blessed that GMama chooses to live in our family with WSM Noah, the Meows and me.  I so enjoy our time together - playing and hugging and wrestling and napping.
Thank you GMama.

Wishing you,
Peace & Love, Just Because,

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