Sunday, May 9, 2010


What a fabulous Sunday~@~

I had the pleasure of listening to Alanis Morissette talk about AUTHENTIC POWER.

Sister Goddess Alanis is OMazing.
Her powerful music (I'm a Bitch, I'm A Lover, I'm a Child, I'm a Mother)
among other OMazing lyrics and tunes -
the movies and TV roles she's chosen to play -
my SHERO!!!

A lovely program offered by Feminine Power and Women on the Edge of Evolution, Alanis was interviewed candidly and she shared some wonderful gems. What resonated for me:

1. She stayed true to her own authentic voice and integrity to her music

2. It is our response-ability to hold power in the world
3. She chronicles what is happening in her life - it takes commitment and courage
4. She follows her authenticity in the absence of role models

5. Time to STEP UP and STEP OUT to be Agents of Change

6. We Western women are single largest demographic with genuine interest in consciously
evolving holding the power to influence the World - woo hoo ~@~

7. I think of myself as an ANIMAL - sensitive nervous system

8. Authentic Power - ATTUNEMENT to SELF - soothe one's soul - raw creative EnerCHI

9. Being scared, heart palpitating - SHOWING UP and just saying YES

Hearing her speak and listening to her words, I am infused with faith and energy at all that we can create together in the World as we consciously evolve and claim our Power.

Alanis says: " Im still here - committed to our funny little journey
Sweetness of sharing my story and allowing it to be a collective experience
OFFERING it for the collective impersonal and allowing it to be their own"
She reminds us to stay connected to ourselves and listen to that tiny voice and express it.
She talks about having a circle of friends - girlfriends (Sister Goddesses, tee hee ) who support each other and listen. She says

- Our collective - all these little birdies - we're all flying -
- no final destination, no top and it's not lonely there
- creating a world, a community to land in when you are being a brave soul

She shared she'll be writing a book about all her practices. Some of the practices she mentioned: sitting in silence, having sacred altars, being in nature, and inner dialogue work 0 talking with all the different parts of ourselves that are terrified until it feels soothed or acknowledged.

Parting advice for other Shaky Poodles in the Movement - bravery is that quiet voice of courage - our job is to create muscle memory of just doing it anyways.

Thank you Sister Goddess Alanis for sharing and BEing - creating a role model for ME

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