Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mosquito Message


The burning and itching sensation
as the site where she sat and
sucked my blood starts to get
red hot and irritated.

I used to kill mosquitoes -
quite violently too.
Smacking them right out of existence -
not even wondering what gift they had for me -
since they chose to interact with me.

I didn't know that all blood biting mosquitos
are female - MAMAS in fact -
needing our blood to produce eggs.

Instead of my childhood reaction of
anger and hatred to the MOSQUITO,
I take a deep breath
and open to grace.

Sitting here outside with her buzzing around
I let go
I surrender.
No more resistance.

I speak to Madame Mosquito -
I tell her if she is to bite me
she might as well jump onto my arm
so I can get a closer look at her.

A more intimate connection with me.

The gift of the Mosquito
- her tenacity and strength -
always adapting to her environment
Never letting thing gets in the way of her progress

Changing the way I look at things -
seeing it from Mama Mosquito's eyes -
a new perspective
I am such a giant in her world -
so much blood and nutrients
beyond her wildest imagination.

I embrace this situation
and all the gifts of Mama Mosquito
I am blessed that she chose me
to learn these lessons

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