Sunday, August 22, 2010

DIO - Something New

Back in May, Sister Goddess Lourdes invited me to come see her draguation performance. I was curious but previously committed to another appointment. And a little apprehensive. A draguation? She told me she was learning to be a drag queen - think Victor, Victoria with Julie Andrews.

She invited me again in June to come meet the teachers and find out more. She gave me a link to Drag it Out - a multicultural grassroots esteem building organization empowering people to question gender roles. DIO supports and educates the community through workshops, mentoring and FUNdraising events. Challenging gender stereotypes through entertainment while raising money for community-based causes. The more I read about this group, the more interested I was. A little out of my comfort zone, I am not one to turn down the opportunity to grow. Besides, I was so curious.

I went to meet the coaches and past draguates and other newbies like me. I met the nicest, friendliest and most open people I have had the opportunity to hang with in a long time. Sitting with my soon to be coaches and asking any question my heart desired, the little Goddess In Real Life within was jumping for joy.

DIO offers a free 10 week workshop on gender impersonation performance. For draguation, we take it into the public and perform. I would learn how to put an outfit together, how to apply makeup, how to strut, how to perform and how to release my inner Diva. Dressing up and playing with makeup and lip syncing my favorite tunes in front of a crowd. My LITTLE PEEP was ready to play.

Bring it on, DIO.

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