Tuesday, August 24, 2010

DIO - First Class & the AfterMath

Coach & Supreme Diva, Sister Goddess Twat La Rouge

I get to class late - sweating and hot from Laughter Yoga. I see Sister Goddess Lourde's familiar face in the room and Coach Chocolatta gives me a wink and a wave. I breathe in love and expand my heart.

My Sister Goddesses are watching movies and learning about different genres of Drag Queens. Clips from different movies so we can get a clue as to the spectrum of the world of Drag - Club Kid, Diva, Comedy/Camp, Sexpot. And then we watch an excerpt from Kinky Boots - which I love, love, love....

Chocolatta gives us a strut demonstration as Twat La Rouge shows us what to look for: chin up, chest out, arms behind butt, walk SLO MO and pose for the paparazzi. Twat shows us how to make our eyebrows disappear as Step 1 of our makeup assignment. So much to learn - I am so unsure and a little afraid of what I have gotten myself into.

Homework - pick my genre of drag queen, my alter ego name, my music and purchase the makeup on my list.

I get home past 11:00 p.m. and I am giddy with excitement. The next day, I get on Broward County Library's website and place holds on as many of these movies I can get my hands on. Again, divine intervention - 3 movies are instantly available. Woo hoo~@~

We spend the weekend watching Kinky Boots, Connie and Carla, and Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. I highly recommend these films. Besides great show tune songs running through my head - what I get from these movies is that Drag Queens really know how to laugh at themselves. And that's besides being trendsetters and dressing Omazing with flair and style.

As for alter egos, Noah came up with Chutzpah Hussy for me. I like it. It may suit me. We'll see. Tee hee~@~

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